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If Seven of Nine's shitty husband Congressman Ryan hadn't been a sex prevert Obama would have never been in Congress.

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Oh wow, I didn't realize Jack Ryan dropped out of the running because it came out he had been pressuring Jeri to perform public sex acts.

I guess resistance wasn't futile.
( •_•)>⌐■-■

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Still, how many times in history can you say a candidate has been kicked out of a race over a sex scandal which involved him wanting to but not having sex with his very hot wife?

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cuomo just got the boot for just asking girls out. He shoulda got the boot for other things of course but it;s interesting that's what they went with.

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Pure projection like always. They are just admitting that's what they are doing. It's all out in the open now, they spread misinformation.

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It's a common thing knows as 'confession through projection' You simply accuse your rival/adversary of your own crimes.

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Obama's right, republicans want to make it difficult and an inconvenience for people to vote. Republicans know this will greatly affect blacks and hispanics who vote for democrats. The less blacks and hispanics that vote, the greater chance the republican candidate wins. Blacks stated home in 2016 in comparison to 2012, trump won. Come 2020, blacks can finally be bothered to vote and trump lost.



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republicans want to make it difficult and an inconvenience for people to vote.

What legitimate citizen in the US doesn't have valid ID? You need it for banking, rent, driving, and working.

The less hispanics that vote

The Hispanics who aren't legal citizens, the group where IDs become an issue, shouldn't be voting.

It's ridiculous the Democrats are lobbying for illegal aliens to vote so they can stay in power.

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Voting has never been difficult. For anyone.

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If you are a legal citizen and old enough to vote you should already have an ID. If you are too stupid to manage getting an ID then you have absolutely no business voting in the first place, and I have absolutely no pity for you. I know people who are actually retarded who had no problem getting an ID. If they can do it then nobody else has any valid excuse.

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yeah it's like an IQ test to vote really. If someone can't figure out how to get an ID, or they keep losing it, maybe they shouldn't vote.

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Someone forgot to flush!!