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This is kind of insane. And this is coming from the head of the Federal Reserve, basically.

It's like they're trying to upset as many people as possible in order to incite a revolution deliberately? Or maybe they're just being greedy while they can, as not to waste a crisis?

They just printed 40% of the total USD money supply in the last year, and now they desperately need to drain everyone's unrealized capital gains too? Ridiculous. It's like they want America to implode. It may be reactionary in a way that's sensible from where they're sitting, but it seems like this is not a good idea in the long-run for the middle class. Remember when the goal used to be to grow the middle class, instead of destroy it?

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Indeed - this idea of Yellen's is interesting, even if it would have absolutely no chance of getting approval. She mentioned this in January. It's not meant for the 99%, however, as it's specificallly for the .01% who have a substantial part of their wealth in capital gains. Those who are in the lower tax brackets would not be included. During the years that the GOP (and some Dems) gave themselves massive tax breaks, to the tune of trillions that were subsequently borrowed from China (helping increase the naitonal debt to $27 trillion by January), there was no visible investment in the economy, and no reasonable tax base for infrastructure and government programs. Yellen is making arguments for a much needed correction to these tax breaks. It won't work because corporations can buy the two Democrats who will vote with the GOP, who are also in the corporations' pockets. She's throwing spaghetti at the wall until one of them sticks, and the GOP are spinning this as a war on the middle class, who will not be impacted, whereas the GOP are succeeding in their war on the middle class, having them pay China for loans that paid for tax cuts. Until the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes, the US will continue in the direction of a banana republic.

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spot on. Also it's more than just 2 corporate dems, although manchin and sinema do take the heat publically, but most of the dems in the senate are conservative and won't support progressive policies.

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. It's not meant for the 99%, however, as it's specificallly for the .01% who have a substantial part of their wealth in capital gains.

At least you mention that you are a Democrat on your flair so I know why you would say such and insane thing.

Democrats are so easily blinded by their own support for their parties greed as something virtuous. Democrats always say they want to pass on any taxes as if it's only ever always aimed at the .01%.

Here's why you are wrong, everyone has investments who aren't children, or under thirty Democrats. There's more home owners of all income brackets. This entire thing, just like the $600 spy plan, is aimed at EVERYONE.

This is the Democrat way, do everything to have government take over business and ownership, tax the shit out of people in to subservience. All disguised as going after "the man" and to help "spread the wealth." In reality, they are a party of authoritarian thieves.

Bottom line, and it's not defendable, Democrats LOVE taxes.

PS : Before you call me a right winger, I'm a libertarian. Ya'll are a bunch of authoritarians, but Democrats are worse with their taxation.

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What a grifting loser says: "The problem with capitalism is that there’s so much prosperity and free time people start creating their own problems." —Kevin Sorbo

From the Offices of the President, Senate, House, and the Treasury, July 11, 1836...

"...the problem with capitalists... just a bunch of greasy scam artists screwing the little man..." —US Government

Economically and financially, statistically speaking, our children have a declining living and worse off life on an average percentage compared to living in the mid 50's to early 70's.

(The state of our world: Rich dads promoting sons gamer channel so he can get ahead of the other kids.)

Purchasing value of dollar had also declined considerably from the boomer generation. Those who hopped on the stock market bear scam were able to build their wealth by doing absolutely nothing from the 70's to the 2000's, prior to 2008. They had an ability to save and fight inflation, all whilst their wages remained suppressed. Presently, however, inflation is taking off and the purchasing power of the dollar, as said, is declining quite rapidly. Vegetables have risen in price 50 to 70% in my area while my wage, not fixed to inflation, has stayed the same!

The problem with our economy and the political manuevers is that congress llc is incompetent and doesn't realize that US Inc. was chartered as a self-funding corporation, meaning UBI, which is basically just reparations for the money multi-national corporations and offshoring stole, doesn't have to be fixed to social-credit, human capital or impact/value markets. UBI is possible and has always been! I don't advocate for it but traditional Catholics believe a garden and home is a right, and labouring to your ability and loving Christ is an order that has been destroyed in Judaic-naturalist masonic America! America is basically an unsustainable meme economy retail corporation propped up be meme jobs such as every job on wallstreet and retail jobs that service the rich. Congress llc could institute public banks in every town, which could loan at fixed rates very low interest loans for farmers and men and women looking to labor in trades. That profit would not be gambled on wallstreet but given back to the community!

As Gottfried Feder once said, a government's first priority, whether federal or local, is to disband joint-stock trading from social life and for the reliance of once's wellbeing. A government's priotity is to maintain a common good and the needs of a community and the individual so that he does not fall into the depths of poverty of which he/she cannot escape. Our entire Judaic-masonic system with its cyclical doldrums instituted by Jews Warburg, Schiff, Seligman, Lehman, etc. is designed to manufacture an impoverished class.

Transnational, intersectional, nation-wrecking, sterile, family-less, consumer, mongrelized vulture capitalism really is the best way forward for society, said nobody ever.

A deleted shill once wrote to me:

Capitalism can work without usury just fine. It will be slower, but more stable. And it would be great if people could remember that no business has a right for a guaranteed profit, not even the banks. Ultra rich are being compensated for lending a small portion of their power to non-idiots. Bureaucrats can't do this for some reason.


41 billionaires are now as rich as the poorest half of the world population (the chart apparently was not updated for Elon Musk. Pirates and looters ("billionaires") nor the Rothschilds) own more than the poorest half of the World's population. And it's all been stolen together, with speculation, insider trading, interest, cottage milking, bail outs, cartel formation. A couple of total galsbakkens run off with the loot.

So what is this beautiful capitalism ignoramuses always like to talk about?

Capitalism" is owning the MONETARY/CREDIT & STATUTORY POLICY production from which all corporations exist. Gerard Malynes, 1622.

That's why capitalism didn't exist in the U.S. corp territories until Rockefeller and JP Morgan. Come to find out, rich people creating cheap workers is now suddenly "prosperity gospel" for Team America Inc.

And then we have commie inc. proposing 70% marginal tax rate on multimillionaire incomes.... ahhhhhh , hello, why not propose CAPITAL TAX...otherwise they just dodge the damned tax like JP Morgan or Rockefeller! Geeze.

But then we have Team US corp whining about how capitalism is 'freedom' or stupidly suggesting that "capitalism" is somehow older than JP Morgan?

This is American Capitalism:

...and no amount of sock puppets, shills and bots can negate this.

Capitalism is when a small group of people who control a private corporation, claim it's a "government" & use violence/propaganda to coerce all others to do what their told. Just like communism and socialism. All three models are the complete opposite of a meritocracy.

America LLC was only ever private corporations as "muh government", was never "muh free market" & "muh capitalism" meme was a banking scam to legitimize outlawed loan-sharking. Meme-jobs like wall-street or the government don't feed a nation. And we are top-heavy with meme-jobs.

UBI FOR FARMERS! Or not... because it's 'better' near nobody can afford it and we instead subsidise wall-street whilst they plan on going back to the golden or silver calf of reserve backed currency based on the worship of "intrinsic value" like all the Libertardiams morons speak of. Yes, that's it, it is better we live in an unsustainable meme make-work economy where the billionaires fatten themselves up and the lazy don't know how to plant a tomato plant yet produce poop piss and garbage, stinking up the cities and doing a great service to technocratic impact/vale market corporations.

As for Every-ism: Allowed fake vote to buy from Limited Inc., then shot when you complain on sub-standard services. Same with fascism & capitalism.

Capitalism & the "american dream" god, no real churches, no soul...just money. Always the money, only the money on nu-age masonic naturalism.

Or a better future... Public banks (county-based banks; non-private ie. moving private credit) should issue experimental Universal Basic Income, though, so few in operation, and illegal for a state sub-franchise such as Massachusetts Inc., to do so; so as to increase basic cred flow to suppressed areas, which will increase spending and automatically create small corps for retail products...

Farming might come back in style if normal people could afford to do it + local distribution; though big companies are not fond of small distribution from small companies.

It would also alleviate Soc.Sec. admin/book problems & take pressure off the courts/prisons. MAYBE.


It is impossible for an imaginary corporation to owe itself imaginary money via other imaginary sub-franchise corporations, when it can really print all the imaginary credit & currency it ever will require ab initio at will, Descarte. – CaptainSlappy

But the Libertardians and politicians for some reason don't want you to know that, or, maybe they don't know that. Maybe they are as ignorant as they look, probably not.

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You really don't make a point here. Just the typical doom and gloom anti-libertarian nonsense we see and hear from both sides all the time.

Not once do either side ever take the willingness to address government subsidies created in bipartisan efforts, or even in partisan effort.

Also not addressed, how you would do it differently. If capitalism is so bad, what's better?

Oh right, I know, yet another morons who would say "Democratic Socialism! But we'll get it right this time! There won't be any corruption, certainly!"

Ya'll are lost to the paradigm, and treat consumers like babies with no ability to be taught that they hold the power in making who is and is not a billionair.

Chew on that for a while.

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If capitalism is so bad, what's better?

Decentralized grass-roots-up voluntaryist cooperatives and communities (DeGrRoUpVoCoCo = new term?) with a shift from the dependence on the consumerist corporatocracy to alternative solutions like complete autonomy, self-reliance, responsibility, and off-grid prepping and underground networking to to sustainably survive and thrive with deeper purpose, meaning, fulfillment, and well being.

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My point is clear. Most libertardians side with big capital knowingly or unknowingly. The problem, however, is that all nations are corporations which issue statue laws. I've given you the actual, legal and "'well-placed' I own everything on legal fictions but don't tell anyone definition" of capitalism, or the issuance of statue laws from which all corporations are born. Modern libertardians have allowed chain corps and food stamps to flourish because the rich want nothing more for classes of which they cannot connect with. Therefore, the problem with Libertardians, firstly, is they allow degeneracy to flourish, secondly, many of the millionaire and billionaire self-proclaimed Libertarians complain about taxes and how 'illegal' it is to impose while they offshore their gains or find probably illegal loopholes to do so WHILE STILL HOLDING US GOVERNMENT PRIVILEGES.

They're too stupid to realize that taxes are, guess what, VOLUNTARY! But libertardian speculators who havn't tilled soil a day in their life wouldn't know the first thing about this, nor would they have ever read the actual charter documents of Association Inc., or the method in which to relinquish their contract with the state because for the most part, they reject the Most High.

Stop contracting with the subsidiary state corps., and Federal corp. known as US Inc., get rid of your healthcare, bank account and stop using their bank credits for cash, better yet, stop offshoring and stealing welfare from those who knowingly contracted with US inc.

Your rhetoric speaks how ignorant you truly are. You are full of catch phrases and stupid isms that have absolutely no connection to what I wrote.

Democratic socialism? Firstly, democratic institutions can exist in a decentralized locality but US Inc., is chartered as a republic, which in latin = charter corporation, which was chartered by congress llc, which was chartered by Association Inc. Therenis no democracy in US inc., land. Socialism? Sure, we've used a form of socialist like programs since reconstruction. In fact, one could say we have communist elements here but it need not matter when all nations from where they are born are corporations owned by a group of men.

What I wrote above and your proceeding response, illustrates that you have no idea what you're talking about.

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Here's why you are wrong, everyone has investments who aren't children, or under thirty Democrats

You make a good point that they introduce these measures claiming it only affects the wealthy when that basically never happens.

But you're overly optimistic about investments. The average American couldn't afford an unexpected $500 bill before the pandemic money. Living paycheck to paycheck, possibly buried in debt, doesn't leave anything left over to invest. And some people have the money they could invest but don't.

The Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances shows that only 53% of all US families owned publicly traded stock in some form in 2019 and the average stock owner is most likely to be invested through mutual funds and retirement plans.

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The average American couldn't afford an unexpected $500 bill before the pandemic money. Living paycheck to paycheck, possibly buried in debt, doesn't leave anything left over to invest.

There is truth to that, and it's our own consumerism, and failed at-home teaching that get people in to these messes. It can be fixed, but people don't want to, the government doesn't want to. They rely on people like you to make this as an excuse, and blame the billionaire.

This goes beyond just having stock. It goes after 401k. It goes after home owners. It goes after saving accounts. It goes after mutual funds. It goes after retirement accounts.

Taxation is NOT the solution. The Democrats have done that for way too fucking long, look at where we are at. Between the morality taxes from the GOP, and operational taxes from the Democrats, we are taxed in to fucking oblivion.

What just boils me is that as far in taxed as we are right now, these Democrat retards think throwing more taxes at the problem will fucking fix it. IT HASN'T FUCKING WORKED. MORE WILL NOT WORK.

The billionaires WANT you taxed, because it taxes you out of participating in making money. It's the exact reason that places like walmart and target support hiking the minimum wage, it prices out small business from affording employees.

I can go on, but I know what I have to say falls on deaf ears, especially those locked in to the paradigm, and those committing sin of greed and envy towards the billionair class.

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Libertarians have voted - and always will vote - with the GOP, to line their pockets with taxpayer's money while borrowing from China for their tax breaks. It's unforgivable. Libertarians are worse than the GOP because they focus on doing absolutely nothing for the taxpayers. At least the GOP lie about what they'll do to help the common man, invite businesses to their states, keep wages down, bust unions, allow corporations to poison the drinking water, kill off education funding, and the rest of it. The GOP try to talk the 99% into thinking they want this level of torture. Libertarians are famous for following the GOP on everything, and abandoning their voters. Infrastructure and the rest of it crumble to nothing under Libertarians. It's the most selfish, anti-Democratic, childish ideology that works for no one, not even for the Libertarians. It's an insane purpose of a party that will ONLY help the GOP get richer. Just read up on the bootlicking by Rand Paul at the feed of McConnell. Also read this: . I could go on, but I suspect I've already annoyed you and it won't matter what else I write. Re-think your what your tax dollars to do, I would argue.

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libertarians are anarchists who haven't thought things thru

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They're degenerate anarchists complaining about taxes while still holding US privileges.

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jesus would say pay to caesar right?

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He would have, yed. Though the Judahites tried to trip him up at that time to get him to admit thet he advocated for his Apostles to not pay taxes (when he didn't) which is what most of the wealthy Judahite Pharisees, that Jesus rebuked, did anyway, not pay a tax.

His was a spiritual journey of brotherhood and helping the lowly find faith. To love one another in charity when in need is to please Our Creator.

Why advocate not paying taxes? It would have stopped his mission.

Caesar, when he proclaimed he was God, was the time where Jesus's disciples refused to believe it so, and when Polycarp and hundreds of others paid the umtimate price in humble faith.

If you understand now, those who do not pay their taxes usually end up in prison, it is many times the wealthy who do so, you can understand that Jesus did not want to get CAUGHT UP on wordly affairs that BELONGED TO CEASAR. If Ceasar's face is on that coin, it belongs to him, just as debt backed bank credits do now in the US, which are backed by the false faith of in the people who took the bonds.

Jesus knew just how to relinquish contracts with the state and it involved brotherhood and putting all your faith in God. For woe unto the lawyers who take away the key of knowledge.

I've posted an article awhile back on how to legally relinquish contract with US inc., and the state. It is a hard living, however.

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Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

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my view actually is that was added by romans who wanted jews to pay taxes later, jesus never said that, wouldn't have made sense, he never would have became popular or had a following from mostly poor farmers if he advocated paying the huge unfair taxes the riomans levied. Jesus was a precurser to the zealots who did eventually rid Jerusalem of the Romans although that lasted only 4 glorious years.

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Your forgetting that he never said that. He never said to or not to pay taxes. He simply aksed whose face was on it. One is free to create his own money and barter. Nevertheless, this wasn't what Jesus' mission was.

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Seems so

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Even socks can see this.

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socks might think it is a criticism of the right from the left but it isn't really.

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Libertarians have voted - and always will vote - with the GOP

Not me. Speak for yourself.

Everything you have to say is complete and total bullshit. It's lined with vitriol against the GOP aimed at Libertarians. You couldn't be anymore misinformed, and nothing but a blathering keyboard barfing bafoon.

Rand Paul is not my representative, and yes, many times he votes with the GOP to block Democrat spending bills, and often votes with Democrats to block GOP spending bills.

It's woefully ironic how you mention the GOP borrowing money from China while not addressing the elephant in the room, which is Bill Clinton bringing China in to the world trade stage, and his entire constituency supporting it. Now look, China owns American manufacturing and retail.

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when has rand voted with dems to stop gop spending bills

for wars maybe? GOP doesn't do spending bills.

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Seriously - you have to go back to Bill Clinton's presidency in order to support a point about Libertarians? Merely look at the Libertarians' support (nationally and locally) for EVERY GOP decision or filibuster, or vote, or bill or whatever. They're GO fucking P.

I get Rand Paul's emails each week, and I know a lot about his contsituency. He and the majority of them want him to side with the GOP on everything, which is what McConnell orders him to do, and he does it, happily. Corporations, PACS and the 1% invest millions in Paul, to help them with their massive grift of the 99% and their tax dollars. Who will pay for that massive tax cut last year? We will. Paul's a Libertarian in rhetoric only, and he's damn good at spinning that rhetoric, which is a form of double-speak. He, like the GOP and their corporate donors, are destroying the country. There is NO Libertarian who is helping anyone, especially in the long term.

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Capital gains tax idiots!

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I don't think it will be imposed on everyone.

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They've thrown life jackets to their corporatocracy friends and flooded inflationary chaos over everything while they 6uild 6ack 6etter their Great Reset allowing only for survival of the compliant fortunate.

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This has been on the wish list of the progressives for decades. See also: a one time tax on retirement savings accounts (one time, I promise), and a means test for social security, meaning if you are not poor enough, you don't get to collect the money you put in. An acting Treasury Secretary suggesting this seems really bold, though. "It's not a wealth tax, but it is a tax on wealthy individuals through unrealized capital gains". Now the $600 savings account tracking is making sense.

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Classic Democrat tax and spend.

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Classic democrats don't tax and spend and then also print 40% of the total money supply in one year, imo. The whole point of the taxing is so you don't have to print too much more money, which keeps inflation in check.

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It’s tax back better!

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They are always destroying money. The problem isn't inflation as it is putting it into sectors of society that will create REAL WEALTH.

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Invest in the government - they steal real wealth.

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You mean US inc., corporation (not a government, for it is incorporated.)

[–]Jesus 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (4 children)

Invest in a meritocracy that cares about middle-class purchasing power. The people invested the moment they absorbed the bonds of US inc., charted FED. Congress are just a bunch of looters at this point—members of a quasi-public/private corporation making money off the backs of the middle-class and poor taxpayers and multi-national corporations that they lobby on their behalf.

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This weekend I ran into some interesting ideas from a guy, different than Common Law and Free Men stuff, but similar - and Canadian.

Tomorrow I may dig it out to research and share. I need more verification and validation that it could work for me. Just as the Free Men thing is very tricky, I think this would be too. Legalese and similar nonsense, even if liberty intended, are not in my comfort zone and this is not the hill I want to get arrested on.

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Ain't in anyone's comfort zone. You can use old law, easier to understand or new law, which is ever changing. Latin is good to learn too. It's one big how to extract 'money' ie., labor pyramid scheme. The problem is they go after the poorer and weaker folks who are already exploited by those who have money and I mean a lot of it, that they they earned by money making money for them.

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What do you know about maritime law and postal law?

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As much as a monkey. I do know law of misnormer. Lex misnomer and I've got some very old law books in Latin english translation. Blacks law 4th edition expanded is a good book to have.

I ain't a lawyer. I'm a common man and common law is a good start. Just don't murder anyone, and you won't be tried in a magistrate but if you are arrested on false charges, simply refuse to contract and use law of misnomer. The law of contracts is definitely worth learning.

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That's fine. US corp is a self-fundingg corp. the problem is putting it where it will be productive.

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US inc., is chartered as a self-funding corporation. Intrinsic value is stupid and congress llc should take the money from the looters and the billionaires and redistribute it to productive areas of the economy so the middle-class can again have the purhasing power and welfare they need to stabilize the economy. Oh wait, they didn't really do that, they let the looters win and they offshored all the jobs and made the US an unsustainable retail corporation filled with meme jobs that produce niche—both Republicans and democrats.

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Just offset it with all your unrealized losses.

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Good idea. I'm going to also backward-project all the future losses from the hyperinflation I assume is going to occur and amortize them across the next 3 years. I'll never pay taxes again lol

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good to tax stocks, not for a house though.

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This will only effect about 700-1000 of the wealthiest Americans.

[–]magnora7[S] 6 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 1 fun7 insightful - 2 fun -  (2 children)

Until the next revision expands it to the top 1%, then the top 10%, then the top 50%, and suddenly it's a vehicle to destroy the middle class. Just like all the other tax increases of the last 40 years basically

[–]Jesus 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

Well then pass legislation that doesn't expand to the middle-class. I agree with you nonetheless. The states collect and write on their books only a third of the taxes they collect, the other 2/3rds is written on a secret account book. So they services being given are less than a 3rd of what they take in our labor.

[–]Popper 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

our taxes have gone up cuz of local property taxes to fund schools, not the fed govt, tho that is an important problem

[–]AmericanMuskratIndependent 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

You can practically hear the rush of money gearing up to hide in foreign owned defi.

[–]JasonCarswellPirate Party 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

Could this be a minor/major wedge/step for the corporatocracy to become more communist/fascist/globalist/totalitarian with far greater profound steps to follow?

[–]Popper 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

the politicians just need something to talk about, while doing nothing