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The truth is that Gabbard was a Democrat candidate and she did a better job at it than Harris.

What does /u/JasonCarswell say about deflecting to a subject that was not brought up in the original comment? My original comment had nothing to do with delegates.



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I say you're deflecting by talking about deflecting.

I also say that you were lying about Tulsi being a Russian plant and you were lying about her being a version of Jill Stein because they are VERY different women with different stances and views on things. Two lies in one short comment is a bad habit and might mean you could be a habitual liar while sealioning.

Lastly, your original comment had everything to do with crap as you were shit disturbing.

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    Democrats are so despicable that they...

    ...Forced the nation to vote for Trump. And then they stole the next election.