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Why do people still watch this stupid god damn show? It was dumb years ago and it's dumb today. Unwatchable.

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The Narrative is becoming a complete ClusterFuck.

There are still people believing talking heads like this?!

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They tested positive?! Were they vaccinated??

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Name of the show sould be changed to "Whiny Cunts!" Fuck that garbage show and all the npc bitches that watch it.

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Fat asses should be denied treatment for Covid.

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This is the scamdemic exposed. Think about the hysteria of having to remove them in real time live on the show, all the while they're totally fine.

Once they are forced to leave, they go on and on about how they're going to be ok because they're vaccinated and this is the reason to be vaccinated.

The tragedy of all of this, is the virus is very real, and dangerous for elderly patients, immuno compromised etc. However, what they're doing here is straight up political, they're weaponizing the virus, as has been done this entire time.

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Yep, a viral threat so serious that people need to be tested to know that they're even sick. What's more revealing is that despite how people act about the virus on a societal scale, when they or their friends get it they don't break down in tears and anguish about the apparent death sentence they've just been given.

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Good. Fuck those crusty cunts.