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Day 14: the food has run out. In response we have increased production of pamphlets and poems. Comrade diaper boy fears that the lack of food will severely reduce his ability to shit himself.

We plan an expedition to Target once my bourgeois parents transfer some money to my card. In the meantime today's trial sees comrade Cinnamon Bun accused of counter revolutionary hoarding of the bucket.

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A comment from ConsumeProduct:

This is literally the best thing i have ever read.

This is like a complex french pastry, crafted by artisanal chefs, each layer, a new sensation. Each perfect complimentary flavor, a different emotion stoked up from the resting silt of your psyche.

A mouthwatering masterpiece of memetic mirth.

There is so much here, so much truth, so much sadness, such a depth of earnest longing that is usually hidden from us under layers of bitter irony and unbroken theoretical proclamations and rants on how to run the world.

They just want to be part of a small village, a community, to serve a integral purpose and be loved for who they are, and appreciated for what they do. But almost invariably, places like this, small tight-knit villages are right-wing, they are wary of outsiders because a small community is uniquely disadvantaged by even small changes brought by newcomers.

Almost all of the women posting their genuine desires are functionally describing being a stay-at-home mother in a small right-wing community. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, looking after the kids, supervising their education, advising, tutoring, observing who gets what and maintaining fairness.

But they cannot see it, they cannot comprehend they are the fool in The Gateless Gate, who is searching by the light of an oil-lamp for a way to cook their rice. In one breath they scorn the very thing and types of people that can and will provide them the environment their soul cries out for. In a toxic swamp of unfamiliar city-living and godless, soulless corporatist posturing, under the heavy pressure and the mind-breaking bullshit of socially-violent, politically correct 'simon-says' office-tier environments, these lost folk yearn for meaning in their lives, whilst having been conditioned to hate the very people that are most capable of providing that environment for them.

These are the last gasps of drowning men and women, the last writhing attempt at clinging to life, before being drowned in a polluted, fetid sea of corporate/governmental-conditioning and never-ending work, that will pump directly into their minds, as in The Matrix, the illusion that they are on the cusp of revolution, that they are the vanguard of change and the daring anti-corporate, anti-state activists who are humanities best hope to attain this simple life they dream of.

This is the last time they will even be allowed to know the color red exists, for all the pills henceforth will be blue.

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    Which one was u/jet199?

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    I'd be the one lining the shirkers and subversive tarot card readers up against the wall.

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    Pretty sure that's copypasta, but it's beautifully written and very true.

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    im a liberal and still think right wingers like the ones who run this site are dangerous imbeciles but after reading these tweets, if theyre not a joke then these lefties seem to be just as, if not more dangerous.

    But i'm still a classist. These people were trained in the "feminine arts". And no, femininity has nothing to do with the bimbo women with giant sausage lips on instagram. A judge is feminine, a police officer is masculine. A philosopher is feminine, a doctor is masculine. Feminine arts are basically administrators and diplomats of gigantic systems. Theyre usually positions to serve the elite who manage the systems.

    You need an incredibly high IQ (which is very rare, and no im not about to say that's me) to even come close to understanding and contributing to the fields they tried to study in. The type of education some of these idiots received is an incredibly cheap imitation of what a royal advisor to a king, emperor or president would be trained in.

    And here's what you dont want to admit. This type of culture, training and arts was exclusive to the elite because it needs power to function. Many of these tweets confirm these power hungry demons think that the only thing stopping them from truly becoming a better person is they were never given the chance to be an advisor to the president. That's it. The person who has "a passion for cooking", never had anyone taste his food yet probably thinks the only thing holding him back from being a michelin star chef is the right opportunities...not his lack of skill or the shitty food he cooks. The "tarot card reader" admits she would best be an advisor because she "sees things others dont see", as if the ghetto neighbourhoods dont have enough toxic women like her "seeing the unseen" by making false accusations and telling everyone not to trust Tiffany because "tiffany is a bitch and gives off bad vibes, yo". But if only the tarot card reader could advise the president, and then we'd all see how she would bless this nation with her talents.

    Everyone wanted to see what would happen if you took elite culture and brought it down to the lower classes. Well, here you fucking go. These are your people. Right wing stooges whose destiny was meant to live like unthinking christians, reciting religious mantras and acting like mindless automatons were given a chance to be human by indulging in "elite" culture and this is the best they could do. These people are you.

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    It's sad and funny, but it's typical. These are a bunch of brainwashed upper class children.

    Most communist movements have these wealthy infantilized adults mixed in. It's not new for America. Did anyone ever watch the Young Ones? Rik was based on an established type in British Universities.

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    Not a single one of these people is from the upper classes. The only culture these people have to rely on is red state, red neck culture. This is their "attempt" at what they think upper class people are like.

    The culture theyre flirting with is just a very cheap, degenerate imitation of what you would consider "elite" culture. Theyre dabbling in training meant for the upper classes to become elite advisors to kings, emperors and presidents. But since they grew up in red states, they have no real culture to help them digest any of this stuff. They just grew up with a church, a mcdonalds and surrounded by people with pick up trucks. I dont think upper class people believe in tarot card readings or mysticism.

    The people commenting here are resentful because they want them to be "stuck" in the right wing culture of poverty with a crabs in the bucket mentality because they know they come from the same right wing poverty villages as they do but are too embarrassed to lash out at them without the pretext of pretending these people come from money. Anyone nowadays can enrol in courses to be schooled in the "high arts", it doesnt mean it'll be a proper education; philosophy, economics, history, art. It doesnt seem like it transformed them at all if theyre talking about mysticism, magic and mind reading.

    There's a nobility to wanting to uplift people and give them the same opportunities you have but none of the people in those texts seem like they display the class and humanity of someone who types like that. Theyre mostly just impoverished narcissists. And i can sense you seething that they'd dare want a better life than you with the other comments you've posted here.

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    So let's do a Saidit version.

    What useful skills would you bring to the Saidit commune which would stop us all turning on you Lord of the Flies style the first time things kicked off?

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    When I was 21 I was just like that, totally lost.

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    Yeah, I got caught up in some of initial steps to become someone like this as a teenager. Life kicked my ass though and I grew out of it. I think some life experience would get these people some helpful perspective, like learning how much work it actually takes to keep themselves alive.

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    What initial steps did you take? How deep did you get lol

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    I've always thought that the Russian revolution of 1917 was a failure. All those people getting sent to the Gulag, or being taken out and shot. Clear signs of failure, I don't have to inquire further. I don't have to copy Sakichi Toyoda and ask "why?" five times.

    But I've been gifted the answer to the first why. Why have people taken out and shot? Because there is a kind of gentle uselessness which is irredeemable. Tolerate it and get bled white. Try to correct it and be dragged down by it.

    Second why: why are people like that? The congealing of gentle uselessness into entitlement is a mystery to me :-(

    Third why: actually I'm still stuck on the second why.

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    Also the USSR did pay millions of people to stand around and watch other people actually work.

    So they did find they had a large number of unproductive people they had to make use of even after they'd killed most of the middle class poets.