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Jim Jones was a socialist.

Yes, that's right! Jonestown had had many visits by the Soviet embassy where they taught about Marxism, had Russian language classes, etc. His plan was to airlift his Jonestown community to the Soviet Union. When the Soviets refused him, that's when the Flavor-Aid cyanide happened.

And yet, nobody ever mentions it. It's gone down the memory hole. He was also good friends with child rapist Harvey Milk and got a medal from San Francisco.

"We loaded up all 13 of our buses with maybe 70 people on each bus, and we had those buses rolling nonstop up and down the coast into San Francisco the day before the election," recalled Jim Jones Jr. "We had people going from precinct to precinct to vote. So could we have been the force that tipped the election to Moscone? Absolutely! Slam dunk. He only won by 4,000 votes. I'm sorry, but I've got to give my father credit for that. I think he did the right thing. George Moscone was a good person; he wanted what was best for San Francisco."

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Anti-racism was all a tool he used to get members.

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crazy article.

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fucking liars tho.. jim jones was cia's test to see if they could get people to suicide

covers up a mass murder by the cia, including elite british troops that helped finish off those that didn't go along with the programming

can only assume this bitch is a holocaust survivor as well

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The Atlantic magazine? Wat?

Pretty sure Jim Jones was a performing MK ULTRA experiments off of US soil.

The source of the “Kool-Aid Suicide” stories was the U.S. State Department, which presented the story immediately after the “suicides” were reported as though it was the only obvious truth. A U.S. Army spokesman pronounced with complete authority, “No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here.” The bodies were then allowed to rot in the jungle. Despite the lack of need for autopsies, Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo, the top Guyanese pathologist, was at Jonestown hours after the deaths, and, refusing the assistance of U.S. pathologists, accompanied the teams that examined the bodies. His conclusions? Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left shoulder blades on 80 to 90 percent of the victims. Others had been shot or strangled. A surviving witness stated that those who resisted were forced by armed guards to comply. Dr. Mootoo’s opinion, and that of the Guyanese grand jury investigating Jonestown, was that all but three (only two of which were suicides) were murdered by “persons unknown.”

TLDR: all but three (only two of which were suicides) were murdered by “persons unknown.”

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Wow, never heard this take on it. Very interesting.

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I mean that fits with the witness testimony pretty well that they poisoned the children (wrongly telling the parents it would be a pain-free death) but many of the adults had to be held down and injected by force and they shot those who ran away.

There's an audio recording of the killings but I don't recommend listening to it unless you're really doubtful. You hear the children screaming and then the woman arguing who is the first to be held down and injected.