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Obesity can be cured by simply jogging three miles a day

You really can't jog if you're obese.

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Obese is just above 30 BMI (less for asians). I see loads of obese joggers out on the streets. The trouble is your body just gets used to whatever exercise you do. They have an initial weight loss when they start then it comes back on.

You have to fix your diet first.

To be honest there's still no non-surgical way proven to lose weight and keep it off long term.

With all the money being poured into research you'd think they'd have found one by now but I guess there's too many people interested not solving the problem.

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Most obese people are thus because they are poisoned.

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I mean if you look at the growth of obesity from the 1980s onwards it's hard to argue otherwise.

There was plenty of nasty processed food in the 1970s but most people were still skinny, and the stats say they actually ate more calories in total back then.

One of the reasons governments still push high carb diets as healthy is because in the past poor people lived on mostly carbs, protein was much more expensive, but were still skinny and they can't work out why that doesn't happen now.

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Most obese people are thus because they are poisoned.


Detox your liver with *coffee enemas.

This is recommended in homeopathic circles for curing certain cancers.

Eliminate the parasites with food grade diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth is also useful to eliminate parasites and pests in your home, and garden.
Feed it to your dog. It's cheap AF.

Also, this supplement inexplicably cured the mild acne on my back.
It cleared up on the second or third day of taking it.
It was just gone, except for a few tiny scabs I could still feel. Then they were gone. Cured.

I may have had an infection of single celled parasites. Anecdotal, so it could be a miraculous coincidence.

I never asked any doctor about it, cause they're clueless if they can't look it up on their computers.

Fun fact: Hydroxy chloroquine and ivermectin are both separately used as anti parasite medications.

Could there be a connection? Who knows? It wouldn't surprise me in the least, if either were actually diatomaceous earth in pill form (it's a white powder).

You can order 4 pounds of diatomaceous earth for $10-$20 for a large bag, or bucket.

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Why does this look like health advice? What is the relationship of this to the pandemic?

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Jog 0.1 miles and walk 2.9 miles the first day and work up from there. Keep going more every day.

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im skinny as fuck and it dealt with me beyond belief. none of the people in my circle who got it were at all obese either. no way im getting that dumbass shot, just putting that out there.

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Did you guys die?

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Did you guys die?

yes, all of us. im typing from hell.

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I got it. I am morbidly obese, have heart disease and 5 types of cancer.

I coughed. A lot. And man, that sore throat is something...

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What about your activity level and your diet? Lots of sugary stuff maybe? No regular exercise outdoors? Drugs? Alcohol?

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What about your activity level and your diet? Lots of sugary stuff maybe? No regular exercise outdoors? Drugs? Alcohol?

i drink, no drugs, barely any sugar, plenty of outdoor activity. the only other one who got nailed like i did(actually way worse) was my uncle. hes not fat by any means, and active. yet it barely did shit to my elderly bedridden grandfather.

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Probably the alcohol then. Or maybe lack of exposure, not enough training for your immune system?

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no idea. it definitely fucked me up, but nothing crazy since then. i never went to the hospital, just got the zinc/vitamin d/steroid shit from my general dr.

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Joe Rogan also said he caught it after a night of drinking. Sounds like your doctor is one of the good ones.

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Your immunity is legit now. No 'boosters' necessary.

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| Obesity can be cured by simply jogging three miles a day and eating a balanced diet. Nobody is still obese after a year and a half of COVID unless they willingly chose to be.

I used to believe the same baseless drivel that you do. As a bodybuilder, I was always in good shape, and would lift my nose up in superiority at the fat specimens. For 19 years I maintained the healthiest lifestyle of taking great care of myself. One time, a tooth broke, a part of the amalgam filling fell out and I swallowed it by accident. I knew perfectly well that mercury was bad, and I got scared. So I went to the dentist to get that repaired and to make sure it wouldn't happen again, I asked the dentist to replace all my amalgams with composite, mercury-free fillings.

Then at some point, I felt something break inside me. My energy, my mind, something gave out. And I lost my $200k/year career. I just couldn't do the work anymore. So I became a full-time bodybuilding consultant. A lot less money, but lifting heavy and eating well are things I enjoy.

I got good at this and started travelling to see athletes at various places around the world. I spent 3 weeks in Australia training and advising a wealthy client. In Australia, all the cities are on the ocean. People eat a lot of fish. I ate sushi almost daily.

When I came back from Australia, I had some difficulty motivating myself. It's like I was somehow losing my willpower. I was still training hard and eating well, out of the pure joy of it, but I was deteriorating rapidly. I didn't know why. A couple years later I start ballooning into a butterball. I have no idea why. I'm still training like a maniac and eating as well as anybody could. Within 4 months I put on almost 100lb of pure blubber, while my energy was vanishing.

At the end of these 4 months, just doing my first warm up put me so out of breath that I felt like I was going to die from it. And it took forever to get my breath back. There was no way I could continue lifting.

I tried discovering where I went wrong. Over those nearly 20 years of bodybuilding, I studied roughly 10,000 hours of biology, so I have an idea how the body works.

So I started investigating what happened to me previously to take me to this state. In this process, I discovered that my level of mercury is close to deadly. And high mercury simply destroys the ability to detoxify and eliminate toxic heavy metals, and so my levels of lead, aluminum, cadmium, and arsenic are nearly as elevated as the mercury.

It turns out dentists when removing grey amalgam fillings, POISON YOU IN THE PROCESS. This is the root cause of my morbid obesity today, accompanied by 5 types of cancer, high blood pressure, high lipids, and heart disease markers through the roof.

It has absolutely nothing to do with being lazy or not knowing how to eat. I trained like a maniac and ate ridiculously high quality food for literally decades prior to becoming a ball of fat who can die from just walking to the next intersection.

The epidemic of obesity is an epidemic of POISONING.

But "medicine" is bent on ignoring this, holding that heavy metal toxicity is undetectable (in blood and urine it certainly is) and therefore, they need not ever think about it. Instead they say eat less, exercise more and you'll be in good shape. It's true, as well - UNLESS YOU ARE POISONED.

So... Put down that pitcher of koolaid, you don't know what's in it.

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I have quite a few silver fillings.

My skinny sister has none.

However she does have yellow teeth because she has thick enamel so she doesn't win them all.

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Is this satire?

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Yes, that's how pro-vaxxers sound, and the parallels are the same. they're coercing the public's health.

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Clownworld means many of us can't tell anymore.

GET THE JAB; YOU'RE KILLING GRANDMA even if grandma is 'immune' because she's had the jab... I just can't even

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Wait, you are replying to yourself asking if your post is satire?

Is this satire?

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From the 2020's causes of death with comorbidities, I calculated[1] that about 11% dead under 65 were officially "obese".

That's way less than I expected. Supposedly, more than 40% of the general population are obese. (over 20, so not the exact same, but there are probably fewer fats over 65, so it wouldn't change my conclusion much).

That means fewer fats died with the coof than are in the general population in 2020. Doesn't that mean that being fat correlates with not dying?

[1] pages 1 (first row) & 31, (8+82+3383+6253-(2+3+1)-(24+13+4)-(778+362+82)-(1642+943+271))/(255508-80257-68966-54754)

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I've seen someone point out that the proportion of obese people dying of covid was in line with the percentage of obese people in the population before, but not less.

I think there is a certain amount of under reporting with obesity as I've seen a few news stories where people have apparently died without any underlying health issues but the photo shows they were the size of a small truck.

So I think it's likely it's a bit higher than 11%. But maybe not much.

Obvious there's different levels of obesity and counting everyone from just over 30 BMI up to the people on My 600lb Life as the same category probably isn't helping anyone. Likely doctors are seeing a lot more of the latter type of fat people who have multiple health issues on top of the chub.

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Seems like doctors are eager to tick "obesity" on living patients, but you're probably right that they aren't counting it as a comorbidity. It's likely just missing from the death reports, just like covid is added to things like motorcycle accidents.

In fact, if more covid was added to accidents and things that non-fats go out and do, they would be overrepresented among deaths, which could also explain their low obesity numbers.

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I'm wondering if many of these underlying conditions are associated with low vitamin d levels and other issues with poor diet and immunity. It's then the underperforming immune system which is the real issue in most cases rather than the comorbidity.

Fat people go outside less and have vitamin deficiencies but so do old people and people with cancer etc and they are all groups at risk.

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Obesity can be cured by simply jogging three miles a day and eating a balanced diet

Jogging 3 miles is going to burn about the same calories walking 3 miles will. It seems counter intuitive, since the latter is less intense, but it takes longer. Obese people don't need to become skinny people with fucked up knees.

Also that's burning roughly 300 calories either way, or about two cans of soda, or 4 cookies. It is so much easier just not to eat that in the first place than it is to exercise.

All people need to do is not eat as much. It doesn't even have to be a balanced diet, you can whatever (even those cookies and soda) as long as you're at a caloric deficit overall.

Although some foods keep you full longer and it's absolutely miserable to try to eat at a deficit and fit crap foods in there, you absolutely can do it in theory.

The whole point is, your biggest asset in losing weight is your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Exercising, besides marathons and mountain climbing, is a pittance compared to what your BMR does even just sitting on your ass doing nothing.

People don't know this. I did not know this for a long time. Even in school they teach nonsense about it. Dieting is a big industry, so there's even more deliberate obfuscation going on there. Add to that the move against fat shaming, we try to pretend fat can be healthy.

But it is a basic unavoidable truth: If you are fat it is because you eat too much. Full stop.

Losing weight is unpleasant, like quitting a drug, so people look for gimmicks to make it easier, like quitting a drug. You just have to want it enough.

If your monkey bar moat plan goes through I'll probably just invest in a trebuchet.

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If your monkey bar moat plan goes through I'll probably just invest in a trebuchet.

Golden comment!

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Jogging helps a lot losing weight, not so much by burning calories but by reducing your appetite. Cant explain the precise mechanism but jogging always made me lose appetite while strength training increased it big time.

Also removing all sugary stuff from my diet gave me a huge boost in terms of both health and physical fitness. Cant overstate how much this simple but dramatic change did for me.

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What if that isn’t true? Fat Fiction

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I need to watch this.

EDIT: oh, it's about carbs/fats. I've read Garry Taubes' Good calories, bad calories, a most excellent read.

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I'm familiar with the saturated fat argument, that doesn't run counter to anything I said. That's adding to the subject, thermodynamics still applies, you can't lose weight without a calorie reduction. But some things make dieting easier, like avoiding carbs.

The video, I just spot checked it, is a little misleading in that while fats are essential, you get all the fats you need without trying, even on a low fat diet. 10% of your calories, as a rule of thumb, need to be fats for proper hormone regulation. But log what you eat and tell me you ever need to add fat to hit that goal, it just happens.

Also, protein is the best fuel imo, not fat. Really easy to test, eat the same amount of calories for dinner two nights in a row, once with just bacon and once with just chicken breast. Say 500 calories total. That's like 6 pieces of bacon vs. 3 chicken breast halves.

Although whether saturated fat is not as bad as we thought is an interesting argument. I don't think anyone can claim to be 100% certain about that. Nutrition is just very difficult to be certain about anything because of all the variables and the most effective tests can only be done on animals.

Personally I'm for running a dietary experiment on prisoners, allowing them to opt into a dietary study where they'd eat much better food than typical prison fare, but wouldn't have access to the commissary or outside food. We could experiment on large populations controlling everything they eat, and everyone benefits.

I know experimenting on prisoners is iffy.

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So apparently the current theory is that obesity makes covid worse because it causes inflammation and inflamed lungs have decrease capacity.

That's fair, fat asthma is a thing.

But there are many things in our environment which cause inflammation we can cut out and many anti-inflammatory foods you can add to your diet which is likely why obese covid patients are still a similar proportion to the obese population.

It's interesting that at the beginning of the pandemic people were advised against taking anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and they might kill you. Where did that data come from? Another lie from China? If so they really were trying to up the death count of their underperforming virus.

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Yes - though it's so easy for Americans to become obese, that most of them gained a bit of weight during COVID lockdowns (per the news), and indeed, these obese Americans have been more likely to suffer from COVID19, as have old people. The older one gets, it's so much more difficult to lose weight.