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/u/socks I am removing you from your moderator positions that I appointed you to, based on this biased removal. If I have the wrong interpretation of events, please explain.

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He's obviously a paid social media influencer. I had no idea he was a moderator! :( Definitely he shouldn't be. Especially if he's going to censor - on a free speech site!

I think something very unusual happens here - the paradox of tolerance. Those who abuse their tolerance to advocate for the abolition of tolerance must not be tolerated. I'd say there's good grounds for removal from the site. He/she doesn't play well with others. He consistently violates TOS by failing to argue and hurls insults constantly. Plus it's extremely likely it's his job to post here and disrupt things.

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/u/socks has been removed as a mod for removing your post but removing him from Saidit would be just as biased as him removing your post was. Your post was restored two hours after it was removed. Your content was also posted by Jason (without an editorialized title) so it was still available during those two hours. You make some good points about socks not having a good track record as a mod. I value your input and I share those same concerns. But I feel he does play an important role by being an outspoken ideological opponent. Saidit is the only site I know of that isn't an echo chamber for one side or the other. We need to learn how to talk to each other across ideological divides before we find ourselves in a bloody civil war.

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It's not an ideological divide. He constantly violates Saidit TOS, which is reason enough to remove him from participation in a civilized community. He posts in defense of the powerful and simply makes stuff up like DEMOCRATS GOOD REPUBLICANS BAD. He's literally a paid social media influencer.

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Of course Chipit - you've taken this personally, as you often do. I had merely wanted to report it as a duplicate post (of the same age as Carswells) so that other mods could see it. I am very well aware of the fact that my removal of anything would piss off people; hence I don't do it, and mistakenly pressed 'remove' when I had meant to press 'report', where I thereafter stated in the report that the intention was to flag it as a duplicate, not to remove it. After I removed it, I could not see a way to re-approve it, which is a button I normally see.

On a mod matter: I saw that you posted a half dozen AOC hatred posts yesterday, and I commented on that. Post whatever you want, but do see if you can not spam /s/politics with hatred misinformation about AOC, selecting instead some of the better examples of misinformation about her and posting those. For example, the Dore video is a duplicate of Carswell's.

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a half dozen AOC hatred posts

So when a supposed champion of the people parties with pedophile billionaires, that's hate.

Nope. It's legitimate criticism, which of course is suppressed and censored on the platforms you're used to.

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No - Chipit - the anti-AOC lobbying is everywhere, without suppression or censorship. Stop lying, FFS.

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Why do you suppose she's so wildly unpopular? Is it because she betrayed her base to accept a place at the trough? Medicare for all - poof, gone. Democrats in control of the executive and both houses of Congress.

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I noted in my comment on the post that my intention was to 'report' rather than 'remove'. I have trouble seeing words on Saidit. I normally argue that posts should not be removed. After it was removed, I could not see my comment in the 'report' and I could not see how to not remove it. The reason I reported it was because it was a duplicate, with no comments, 24 hours later, and Carswell had already posted the same video (as he seemingly posts EVERY Dore video) before Chipit 24 hours earlier, and there were already various comments on it. AXXA has done most of the work, if not all of the work for /s/politics, and has removed duplicates, as we do in other subs. If AXXA had removed it - because it was a duplicate, and a duplicate for 24 hours without comments - it would not have been questioned. If you want a balance of mods, I might have been the only Democrat in the group. (Much of Saidit is astroturfed with extreme rignt-wing hatred, misinformation and disinformation. M7 didn't want that, and he noted months ago that that is what had happened. Hence, Saidit is not merely an "alternative to Reddit", with fewer restrictions, but has become another extreme right-wing misinformation website, where indeed anyone who questions this development is abused and eventually leaves. I've recently posted positive comments about Saidit, noting how it's more engaging than Reddit, but don't feel like noting them again here.)

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socks I accept that the removal was a mistake and that you were trying to help. I know that in your own way you were trying to do the best for Saidit. I'm not satisfied though. I'm sorry but I'm requesting /u/d3rr not to re-invite you as a mod.

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Of course. (Though this goes against your earlier comments.)