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I've found in the past when you talk to people about vaccines in general is it goes like this:

There are NO side effects, you antivax moron! The side effects are very minor, EXTREMELY rare and usually temporary. Vaccines are safe and effective! (we are here). It's your moral duty to protect those who cannot be protected by vaccines! It's your DOOTY to get vaccinated to protect those who are protected by vaccines, because the vaccines are not 1000% effective! Nobody said the vaccines were 100% safe and effective! Nobody said the vaccines were safe for everyone, that's why everyone had informed consent and chose of their own free will to take the risk! Many of those classed as vaccine deaths and injuries would have died or had that issue anyway! Yes, of course some people die or are crippled, that's the risk we take to live in a safe society! Yeah, when you make an omelette you have to break a few eggs *shrug. Yeah, some people are dead or crippled, deal with it lol. The majority over-ride the minority, if we have to kill 10% of the population and cripple another 20%, that's only 30% and it's worth it to protect me and the rest of us 70%, so suffer silently rflmao!

In other words, once forced to acknowledge the deaths and injuries, they will just laugh in your face.

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I am beginning to think this is about shortening the lifespan of existing humans and severely limiting the birth of healthy new humans.

Crashing and resetting the utterly corrupt financial system while completing the creation of a global social credit system also seem evident as goals.

For anybody paying attention these experimental treatments are maiming and killing people. Almost as horrifying the way people have been been traumatized into a sort of Body Snatcher replicant versions of themselves. Humourless, pitiless, hysterical and full of vindictive rage and spite. They want you dead so they can go back to the gym and continue living mindlessly. They want you marked and traced in our glorious new social credit systems. Nobody wants to die on a hill but if it is inevitable this is the hill.

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Your conclusions are quite accurate.

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I bet the ones dying are on birth control or have some other testable condition which would predict clots.

If so, and if the shot's clots are temporary, then they could have been saved with anticoagulants. But all treatment is anathema to the authorities -- especially effective and cheap ones, like India's popular ivermectin+doxycycline+zinc pack -- because their goal is to oppress, not to treat.

It doesn't matter whether everything else they say is absolutely true despite how they say it as if they're lying. They don't want it treated, and never have.

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If you look at Hoffe's work in BC, microclotting occurs in more than 50% of recipients. That seems beyond some particular condition. It looks like this is a broad-based effect regardless of baseline condition.

The flagrant lies about HCQ and Ivermectin prove your last statement beyond any doubt. I don't know what the reasoning is, but they really want to prevent people receiving these treatments. They're putting a lot of resources into making sure people don't use these drugs, which appear from global data to be effective. This is the single most clear-cut conclusion of the entire 18-month saga. Whatever Adventures in CovidLand is actually about (the sociopaths' long-term "goal"), treatment with these two drugs interferes with it somehow.

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You're missing a key point.

This isn't about a virus. It stopped being about a virus after the initial reports and analysis of the cruise ships came out and they knew who was most affected, namely the elderly and obese.. even then, they knew IFR was in the 1%, and Fauci even said so, double the risk of a bad flu for particular groups.

This is about compliance and control.

Failure to understand this leads one to believe you can fight this with data, sternly worded emails or letters.

The minions desire to be ruled.. very little will stop them. This isn't new with millennials, or this generation. This is history repeating itself.

What is new, is the one country in the world founded on a creed, that rights come from God, and govt by the people is instituted to protect those rights, has gone away.

A significant majority no longer believe the statement above, so it's no shocker that what's occurring is.

We've essentially been China with guns for 60+ years.. Bread and circuses. The fruits of that are coming to home now. We may not have the same gun rights soon, moreso than already, and like the Australians, or like the business that were shut down last year, it will largely be done in compliance and with little resistance.

** Edit That's not to say we shouldn't fight or the cause is hopeless. On the contrary, speaking out now is more important than ever, creating small groups to share data and ideas, making local connections, picking people to campaign against locally, like city, county, or school board elections, etc.

However, we should all realize the end result is likely to be very different than the past we all read about in history books. It already is.

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What is new, is the one country in the world founded on a creed, that rights come from God, and govt by the people is instituted to protect those rights, has gone away.

That's not new. Lysander Spooner said approximately the same 150 years ago, and he was right then. Not to mention violations involved in conquering Dixie, or situations like the Whiskey Rebellion, which was extremely early. Each time, instead of correcting course, the feds' solutions to these problems were taken as inspired wisdom. Not that most States were much better, but governors are easier to oust.

It never ends. It's just that since 1965, we're not allowed to be a nation at all, to prevent another rebellion.

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How many people is an "acceptable number"?

The more, the better. I wish all (cultural) Americans would die.

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Not just Americans, most of humanity should die.

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pretty sure you already got your wish lets see how much fun it is to watch our world die friends family communities dying a horrible lonely death. Countries will no doubt fall if the vax is even jus 30 percent deadly in five years.

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None of my friends or family got vaxed. Countries falling is fine with me.

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I seem to remember that young men and boys are 6 times more likely to die from Pfizer.

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So you're advocating genocide. What's your reasoning?

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Wishing for and advocating aren't the same thing. The reason is that Americans have become culturally irredeemably depraved.

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Ok, I wish you and everyone in the universe will die by painful poison makes blood come out you ass and mouth and eyes.

I am wishing, not advocating.

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That makes you better than most people because at least you are honest.

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There's a reason why you can't sue any of the vaccine companies for side effects or even death.

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I want to see this.

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This is why the left is so hypocritical. George Floyd died, perhaps because of 1 cop. SYSTEMIC RACISM! Now the government wants to force millions of blacks (and others of course) to get this vax, which will kill several thousand if not more, and the left cheers it on. Literally killing hundreds if not thousands of much better black people than George Floyd was. It's mind boggling.