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Ugly girls and poor incels don't like it when hot young women make shitloads of money showing their tits and ass on the Internet.

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I'm gonna assume that you don't have any daughters. Video prostitution isn't a long-term solution for income, and gives girls the illusion that their value is tied directly to their appearance while doing something sexual, instead of what they're capable of outside of the bedroom.

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It's useless talking to coomers

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Evidently. He might be some part-time bot though, post history is wonk.

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My daughter is an RN not some no child left behind dumb ass bimbo who's only commodity is her tits and ass. These girls will get into Onlyfans and totally forget they have a limited shelf life and that younger and hotter girls are coming of age every single day. At least these bimbos can make some decent money and have a decent life for a few years. It beats McDonald's.

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It really doesn't beat McDonald's, the income is variable. You can't use OF on a resume. It doesn't provide anyone with job references or work experience. McDonald's will pay for college and at least provide an option to move up. Arby's was hiring out at better wages than most local doctor's offices hire in their front office workers.

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I didn't say they were the brightest bulbs on the string. Just they were the better looking ones.

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They don't really give a shit what you look like on there. I assume they're paid a portion of whatever income is brought in regardless of the OF worker's appearance.

I guess my original point was unclear. It's not just ugly women and incels that are not thrilled with this sort of work being popularized. If anything, I would think that incels are helping to boost their economy with the parasocial relationships that may be developed from not having (or thinking they don't have) real dating as an option.