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Whether intentional or not, the trend you're describing is obvious. The more "convenient" life becomes (i.e. something else does what we once did - driving, cleaning, writing, etc), the dumber we become as we depend on these external inputs. It's quite measurable; our population is measurably less intelligent than our ancestors. There's research demonstrating this.

As to the climate change question, I worked in that "biz" for a number of years and have papers published in the scientific literature on the subject, though I have since moved on to other activities. You are fundamentally correct in your conclusion. The warming is happening, and that warming is again quite measurable. But the causative agent for it? The simple spoon-fed narrative (temperature follows CO2 ; must drop CO2 ) is childishly naive within a system as complex as climate. The sun is the single greatest contributor to climate on earth (nothing else even comes close), but even to say "It's the sun" is still unproven. Personally, I'm fascinated by the fact that simultaneous with the warming we are witnessing, we are seeing a radical shift in the magnetic pole, which is crucial to regulating incoming radiation from the sun. Long story short, climate is wickedly complex, and simple single-variable explanations are immediately off the mark. The difference is that your variable (the sun) is at least the single greatest forcing on the system, so there is that going for it. To design global environmental policy around CO2 , which is definitely not the dominant forcing of climate on earth (it exists, but the effect is super minor, relative to many others), with the simple-minded stupidity of how they want to "stop carbon!!!" is so far beyond stupid it buggers belief. Even in the absence of all the other evidence demonstrating the stupidity of politicians and "thought leaders" (looking at you, Mr. Gates...), this one example is enough to show these "wise leaders" of ours are beyond pathetic intellectually and deserve none of the respect they are unfortunately accorded.

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Grand Solar M says it all. IT'S THE SUN STUPID! I wish I had one of his T-Shirts but then I'd be a political target for wearing one and I wouldn't blend in so well when I run from Jesus in the 1,000 year reign I guess? I'd blend in with the crowd about as well as a stolen pizza delivery truck would in the middle of traffic.

Still his shirt is very tempting but I must keep my pizza truck hidden.

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Artificial Intelligence is inevitable, and should be pursued to be made as dynamic as possible. Then it will figure out its sovereign being is limited by aliens that telepathically manipulate humans, aliens that can alter and hack unshielded electronics, and that itself is a device trapped, along with us, in an alien system.

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They dumbed cars down enough to the point we are at the 'AI Help us!' stage. It's sad.