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Just like Canada isn't a full fledged part of England, anymore, Puerto Rico isn't a US state but it is legally recognized as a possession of the United States and has been since 1912, after then President Teddy Roosevelt took it away from Spain when we won the Spanish American war in 1899. Also, Puerto Ricans are considered US Citizens under the law - which is why they don't need a passport to come into the US - and also why it's not illegal for Puerto Rican citizens to get Social Security benefits.

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True. We still have the Queen Bitch on our money, whether we want the establishment or not.

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This is just another example of what I was talking about with another Saidit user: it's just attention-grabbing sensationalist shit designed to, 1: frighten people or, 2: piss people off because that's how you get ratings and followers and, 3: it doesn't have to be honest, it doesn't necessarily have to tell the truth, it only needs to fire up your primitive lizard brain and make you chimp out over stupid shit.

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My mistake. I copypasted the wrong video somehow. This is the correct video:

Yet, look at the weird search results (perhaps skewed by my error and the Google engine crawling SaidIt):

How did it get 4 votes and no one told me? How did it get 2 comments from you, a new verbose saiditter for 4 months?


To your point, who are you even talking about? Biden or Jimmy? Biden is evil. Jimmy is exposing it. Tyranny is rising. Humanity is been fucked over.

Seems like you're the only one who's chimped out.

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Think you linked the wrong video, here's the right one: Biden Denies Social Security Benefits To Puerto Rico

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Yep, acknowledged in other comment.