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Are the normies finally waking up to clownworld?

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Is it really FB and Twitter that are hurting the country or is it censorship and manipulation of the free flow of information by these corporations that is hurting the country? I recall that on Usenet there may have been a high percentage of butthurt but if you dug around a little you eventually could figure out the truth as opposed to now, where they put in into a little echo chamber and there's no way of finding your way out if you stick to the site. And if it's censorship and restriction of discussion and free flow of information, who's guilty of doing that? I think it's leftists and PC weasels and the woke crowd who are all into enforcing right think and right speech. Anything but the party line and you're declared a Nazi.

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You can add YouTube onto that list for what they did to PragerU as well.

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1 out of 100 says it's Zionist Jews and they'd be right.

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Watch as this gets cited as a reason for regulatory capture, turning alternatives into copies of Facebook and Twitter or destroying them.