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It is clear that BLM was created by the DNC for the purpose of election propaganda. It was a tool to manipulate blacks and other stupid leftists. The democrat party has been race baiting as a political strategy as long as I have been alive this is just their latest angle. It has been thoroughly exposed with evidence that donations to BLM go directly into democrat campaigns as well as the fact that it gets pushed during election season.

Notice how certain shills are going extra hard with the racist comments in this thread to deflect from the facts and turn this into an anti black thing. I'm looking at you candyasses and drcock. Thanks for exposing yourselves as DNC shills.

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Notice how certain shills are going extra hard with the racist comments


Also ever notice, how before 5 or 13 years ago there wasn't so much talk about racism? The only people who were stupid enough to have problematic tribalist racist cultures were those in conflict or in prison. The mainstream media has brought racism back to the foreground of everyone's thoughts and thus helped usher in the global open prison of lockdown and strife.

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Well BLM went from hating America and Americans to hating whites and Republicans.

I'm not sure I see any differences here.

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Gross generalization. The founder was murdered and was an ardent anti-Zionist. Now we have people like Rosenberg controlling BLM.

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all the bullshit aside, white girls have soft blonde and red and brown hair.

black girls have hair that is hard like a wire brush.

fact check that.

i know, jesus is gonna be mad at me for saying that.

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Wrong. Here's the co-founder saying that reporting on her portfolio of million dollar mansions is "white terrorism".

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Co-founder... I agree with BLM that no police force in US should be trained by the IDF but I also do not agree with BLM's Marxism.

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BLM is a straight up terrorist organization which funnels money to the Democrats. Only morons fall for their BS.

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niggas love to sell crack.

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Controlled opposition!

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TIL the "Black Panthers" were as segregationist as Robert Byrd.

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BLM is the militant arm of the Democratic party. They're equivalent to the Brownshirts of the Nazis. Goons and muscle used to intimidate a civil society. They clothe themselves in this racial inequality BS. BLM are just terrorists and nothing more.