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Many conspiracy are true, but many more aren't. The problem is they don't use empirical data nor identifiable sources nor repeatable studies to justify their point. I agree censorship is a bad solution because they actually might be onto something, but one cannot just give them credit without proper sources.

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Most conspiracies about power and authority have at least one firm foot in the truth.

Every secret agency, corporate board room, think tank, etc - they're all conspiring to fuck us over and suffer the least losses. Being secret, private, or proprietary is one of their shields. They have countless other tools and weapons too.

Yes there are a lot of stupid disinfo conspiracies out there to confuse and muddy the waters. That's VERY intentional.

One can look at the systemic patterns of abuses without sources. They're so brazenly open about it all that sources aren't impossible to find on most matters.