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I'm just surprised it took so long. In addition to you can also find his videos on Odysee and Bitchute.

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Me too.

He is clever in the manner that he pushes disinformation, conspiracies and pseudoscience, as if they should be addressed as open questions that anyone would ask, while he drives the narratives in directions that favour specifically right-wing conspiracies. Not only are these baseless, they're for right-wing political purposes, and funded by those who want to develop right-wing voters as QAnon dubmasses who will blindly walk their zombie asses to the polling stating at the next election and vote for the candidate who speaks with the appropriate dog whistles (racism, 'Christian' hatred of others, abuses of women, etc., etc.). (Sorry, /u/JasonCarswell)

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You never tire of the bullshit? That's impressive.

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That's ol Sux the pharma/statist shill for you. They are always at the ready to sow division and parrot statist/mainstream corporate narratives while squawking "disinformation, rawk, misinformation!" Sux needs this shill gig or it's back to the call center.

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So you like right-wing conspiracies and disinformation. Certainly no bullshit there.

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Bad shill!

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He is indeed.

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He is clever in the manner that he pushes disinformation, conspiracies and pseudoscience

You sound jealous?

You should be, cause you're a low budget confirmed shill.

Although, I have to give you credit for valiantly defending pharma interests (and getting your ass handed to you).

You keep getting back up.

Wait. Did I say valiant? I meant craven.

You're clearly on the take.

Karma is real.

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Did you have anything to say about Corbett, Tom, or do you prefer crying like a baby whenever I have a comment about something? Grow up.

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    Does mean that you don't like free speech, have nothing to contribute, and that you also have nothing to say about Corbett?

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      Poor baby...

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      His breakdown of the official 9/11 narrative was comprehensive and eye opening.

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      It was. He mixes some very good points and arguments with some very bad, baseless arguments. The latter got him in trouble. But I do like his 9/11 coverage.

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      Liar timesuck shill.

      [–]socks 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)


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      I mean, I just looked a bit at his video and you're correct, it sound conspiracy like, but censorship is made to be abuse and shouldn't be taken lightly.

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      Conspiracies exist, aka corruption secretly and openly collaboratively plan their scams, social engineering, manufactured consent, psyops, crisis events, military/police state, and tyranny. To pretend they don't is daft. To let others' opinions of you deter you from analyzing them by demonizing the concept is also daft. Censorship is employed to hide the actual open conspiracies presented by government, NGOs, think tanks, corporations, banksters, military, scientism "experts", the judiciary, etc etc etc - all levers of power.

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      Many conspiracy are true, but many more aren't. The problem is they don't use empirical data nor identifiable sources nor repeatable studies to justify their point. I agree censorship is a bad solution because they actually might be onto something, but one cannot just give them credit without proper sources.

      [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)


      Most conspiracies about power and authority have at least one firm foot in the truth.

      Every secret agency, corporate board room, think tank, etc - they're all conspiring to fuck us over and suffer the least losses. Being secret, private, or proprietary is one of their shields. They have countless other tools and weapons too.

      Yes there are a lot of stupid disinfo conspiracies out there to confuse and muddy the waters. That's VERY intentional.

      One can look at the systemic patterns of abuses without sources. They're so brazenly open about it all that sources aren't impossible to find on most matters.

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      Thanks for being a voice of reason. Nevermind the conservatards, they were never much for rational analysis. I hate leftists and everything they are doing lately, but coming here and seeing how pigheaded these conservatives are helps put things in perspective. At least saiddit is not just reddit flipped with conservative appartchiks instead of liberals.

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      Corbet is NOT conservative, not Left, nor Right. Neither am I nor many here.

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      Found the aptly-named sock puppet.

      Anyone wank into you lately socks?

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      And on his posts he includes those and Minds and IPFS and whatever others. I don't know if he has videos on Patreon. I'd like to see him join Rumble, Rokfin, Locals, and others too.

      There's still Corbett Report Extras on YouTube, for now.