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Fascism, if we define National socialism as such, was fervently anti-Bolshevik, anti-usury and anti-Judaic. It was largely, an authoritarian nationalist workers party that allowed private property via labor but prevented property capture by speculation and usury. Hence, the SS throwing the Warburgs out of Germany and arresting and expelling Rothschilds and seizing their assets.

Mussoliniynism was fascism but was largey neutral on Jews and even married a Jewess and appointed many revisionist Zionists in his ranks during the Ethiopian campaign.

Neo-fascism is largely a 1% ideology. That is, the rich and powerful, the international corporatists, impose their rule on everyone else. Neo-fascism is not traditional workers fascism, neo-conservatism is not conservatism, and neo-liberalism is not liberalism in the sense of Napoleonism that introduced liberalism to society and military at large, counter to the rigid structure of the Prussian army.

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Read anything by Feder. This will give you a good idea of what National Socialism and Fascism was, even though the NS made many critiques against Mussoliniynism. Hitler took many ideas from Feder but demoted Feder and hired Schacht to revamp the economy. It worked well but Hitler realized around 1938 that Schacht was a working as liaison to the allies. Hitler's SS threw Schacht in Dachu AND hitler rehired Feder's student Walther Funk. Federism was far more left in policy than Schacht.

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Remember, anyone can be a neo-fascist. Originally, fascism was simply a nationalistic traditional workers party that believed that every person had a stake in the state corporation. They were fervently anti-radical individualism and anti-liberal in regards to the liberalism of private speculation. Fascism almost always leads to Authoritarianism. But in its original def. it was simply a traditional mainly rural workers party of whom were markedly anti-Bolshevik/marxist.

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Thanks for this. I almost tagged you in my response, to see what you'd offer here.