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Nope, the reason is that people on the right go out and get proper jobs where they make stuff, do stuff, meet people, work in teams, etc.

They don't sit in education their whole lives brain washing kids in ideas which were already 100 years out of date when they learnt them or go out looking for cushy government media or charity jobs where they play out having the power of the aristocratic class they could never enter in under their own steam.

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But until recently the stereotype of the college professor was a stodgy conservative with patches on the sportscoat and a stubborn refusal to change and keep teaching the classics. It ain't a natural process.

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You're right, it's not natural.

When the champagne socialists realised none of the masses were going to vote for their nonsense they purposely started to take over the undemocratic parts of the establishment. The long march through the institutions.