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This is a sure way to lose all your money because everyone should know by now that wallstreet doesn't lose. They never lose and will never lose. Whether it's govt baillout or straight up illegal cheating they will win.

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Cuz 1 share will ruin your funds...

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Might ruin my weed money tho lol.

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Not to mention if you talk to any of the people involved they all seem to either imply or openly say "it's known that this isn't about making money" - yet at the same time, plenty of people are selling, for a variety of personal reasons.

The people who got in first played everyone else and became millionaires - leaving everyone else to "hold the line" and some memes (about how much they made) (that's the fairy tail, to keep the peasants hanging on).

Plus, the "silver squeeze" being pushed is just a clone of the Hunt Brother's plan (a major player in the conservative inc. circles (think Charlie Kirk or Pence)).

The whole thing is a psyop. You have to have money, to make money.

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This is not stock advice, this is information I wish to share concerning a way for us all to protest against the 1%, peacefully from a distance

We’ve flipped the table and are playing HF’s games that they use to make money against them, and they aren’t happy and can’t figure out a way to make us back out (as shown by our low trading volume, were all buying or holding), and they need our shares back at risk of legacy hedge funds going bankrupt over gme and hubris, and Wall Street taking serious damage and potential collapse. When gme is doing well (which it is, but not at its peak performance or potential yet), the rest of the market hurts.

Amount of shares borrowed, and still borrowed at interest rates up to 23.5% by Melvin HF to short GME with stocks they don’t have :

Threads (some were removed from wsb) that you need to read (there are many, I’ll find and add only the realistic and relevant ones):

Hedge funds have naked shorted (Shorted with shares they didn’t have) on GME and borrowed billions of shares at high interest. They’re out of shares and need our shares back, if you check this link I posted above:

They’re risking damaging the economy and Wall Street itself, the longer they play this game hoping we’ll get bored and fuck off.. but the trade volume this week is so low, literally in the three thousands when it used to be in the 1-5 millions on average, showing how many people are holding and refusing to sell or give in. By continuing down this path of attempted increased psychological manipulation instead of giving in, they’re digging their graves.

This is about more than just money. Wall Street is having the game flipped on them in a way they never expected, and their psychological tricks and money aren’t working against us. Each time there’s a new borrow order on iborrow, they’re losing money and hurting the stock market as they can’t afford what they’re doing, which is trying to scare us into selling which is failing, even at dips after their short attacks.

They’re even going as far as to use the MSM to both manipulate us, and normies, by releasing articles and segments on CNBC saying “we’re done with gme and have moved onto this ‘new hot stock’”, literally advertising it in a positive way which they never did for gme, and talking shit about gme when it is brought up but promoting other stocks citadel has large ownership of (so they can short and then short on gme again). Usually you wanna do the opposite of what the msm is saying nowadays, it’s very obvious hedge funds are scared. PMing those who comment about gme begging them to sell their shares saying they’re trying to save them and have “illegal insider knowledge” so they can’t share the “source because it’s illegal”.. they’re scared, even on cocaine.

Buying one share helps, and you’ll likely make nice money (this is not stock advice, rather advice for non-violent activism against the 1%), buying 30 could make you life changing money. The possibility is there and that’s undeniable, you only have one life.

I’m posting this to spread awareness to my SaidIt brothers and sisters, as I’ve seen this being discussed on almost every platform but here.

. .

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    Ok, let's get this clear. There are 3635 hedge fund in the US alone (without counting those of London, france, the rest europe, china, and anywhere else in the world)

    the vast majority of hedge fund are pro market. Not swing traders. Only 1 type out of 11 types of hedge fund are short traders

    So you aren't hurting hedges fund nor the market by buying GME bubble.

    You are hurting a small handfull minority of hedge fund at the risk of losing a large amount of your own money.

    So if you do it for a greater cause, don't. If you do it to gamble, you do you.

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    Tons of hedge funds also own GME...

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    You have to have balls of steel to buy GME at $130.

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    Bought @ 49. Holding.

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    I bought my one share at $350 cause fuck em!

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    never selling, cause fuck em

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    I'll probably continue protesting by not buying into their schemes. Although less of a protest than just not believing in what this society has become.

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    Can this fad end now please? Just like Occupy Wall Street, its 15 minutes is up.

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    Already done.

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    Last time I bought one share I ended up losing 200 bucks on it. I'll let others screw over wall street in my stead.

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    terrible idea. Now is the time to hold, not buy...

    but wat do I know? I ant giving no one financial advice.

    Be funny if everyone sold en masse, then picked a new stock to fuck them up over.

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    since the shorting of GME is done..

    that wouldn't have the same effect as it once would.