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So much for free market capitalism.

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It's a free market until hyper-rich people lose money, then they want to change the rules lol

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Yeh nobody realized that Janet Yelen and other bureaucrats were speakers that most of these big banks paid a ton of money to. Bureaucrats make a ton of money in these funds and in speaking engagements.

The people won't be allowed to attack the system like this, I bet they'll fix this loophole this year.

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TradeZero is offering market correction.

In light of current market volatility, we are NOT restricting transactions for certain securities to position closing only, including $AMC and $GME.

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Thanks for the info.

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Selling is still allowed. So who is still allowed to buy? You cant sell without a buyer, right?

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I guess sell orders with no one buy floods the market and brings the price down.

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I think Robinhood is a service for small time investors so it would be the fat cats and shorters who don't use such platforms.

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Robinmillennial is as good a scam as it gets. Come in spinner.

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It took a long time, but the false "market" we've seen in place for more than ten years is being quite explicitly exposed with this fiasco. I am a little surprised that someone was able to organize enough small fish to act quickly enough and in a concentrated enough fashion to create such a dramatic effect. I haven't paid close attention to this, but I'm guessing Gamestop's market cap can't have been that big? These are some crazy moves. Sure big enough to catch the hedge funders' pant's down.

Another data point in the final stages of the current fiat money system. How much will they print to paper this one over?