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Democrats and liberals have always been government worshippng statists. Their whole political philosophy is based around it actually.

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Idk. In the past, not so much as a whole. Plenty of Democrats have shunned government intervention when it harmed them. That's the way it used to be.

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communism, socialism, leftism, progressivism is all based on govt being the end all be all - greater than any man and even greater than God himself.

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As compared to Republicans, who are government boot licking little statists, or the alt-right, who are goverment bootlicking little statists who call everyone a "pedophile" because pedophiles are the only group of people universally more vile than the alt-right.

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I don't disagree with you so much as that I take a sort of offense that instead of calling out Democrats you instead chose to shine a light on filthy bootlicking republicans as a scape goat.

yeah they are wrong but look at those guys!

it's a weak argument and one that deserves ridicule.