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There's tons of food though. We throw away like 40% of total production. I do generally keep a small stockpile of food just in case, comes in handy when it floods. But I have faith I can eventually replenish it.

Also I suspect most Americans can probably survive 3 months without food. Cause we fat.

Shame RMH isn't active here. I modded for their sister sub for a while till I got into a fight with another mod lol. I do believe they're right that psychiatry is broken and the drugs we make people take often don't help.

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Can you reform America's eating habits within the year? Will you settle for perfectly good food that's been in a dumpster? Some may have to and some might even be resourceful enough to not die. Unfortunately many will not.

Worse, half of everyone is stupider than average - and most of the rest are really close to just average.

Faith won't save people.

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I don't think people need to change their eating habits, as much crap as it gets the Standard American Diet provides adequate nutrition. People just eat too much of it. Some of that has to do with the servings size game. When I was on a diet the big one for me was mac n cheese, a serving is half a cup, not half the plate. The nutritional information can be misleading or downright wrong without a scale to see exactly how much you're having.

If there is a sudden food shortage people will adapt quickly. Hunger is a powerful motivator. I am demonstrating this now by only offering Gizmo one type of treat he doesn't like. Not sure anyone cares if food was in a dumpster when they're starving.

Worse, half of everyone is stupider than average - and most of the rest are really close to just average.

That's why we have leaders. Joe Below Average doesn't need to figure out things himself, he just needs to do what he's told.

If food was short, simply relaxing food donation laws would significantly bump up supply. Food places throw away a ridiculous amount of perfectly fine food. For a while I lived on expired gas station food, the chili dogs were pretty damn good. And that's just a gas station with a small food section.

Also, being a Texan, we don't depend on importing food. Something seriously fucked up would have to happen to mess that up everywhere in the state. Texas is huge, it takes a considerable amount of time to just drive to another state.

Oh and I'd probably die anyway without my heart meds. If there warn't no food I reckon thar warn't be no drugs neither.

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It's not that people should to do anything. Many will be forced to adapt or die, and for some even that may not be enough. It's already a problem in parts of the world NOW.

Leaders have mislead us to this point and will take us over it, exploiting all the way as they "lead".

When food gets short, they'll add laws that fuck shit up even worse, pretending they're trying to solve it. They'll blame it on COVID or climate or terrorism or something.

I looooooove TexMex and Mexican food, my favourite. Curas in Austin! I wish I had the recipe to make chicken tacos like the taco trucks in Oakland. I'd say you live near M7 but Texas is a big place, maybe even big enough for the two of you. I've driven all over it.

Big Pharma will never stop exploiting and addicting people.

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I always forget people have "eating habits".

I always buy what's reduced and cook from that, different every week.

I guess most people have a set shop they do and set brands they feel they have to get but if they let themselves starve because of those habits then that's just weird.

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This is general knowledge, no?

In the UK pink food colouring used to be called cochineal on the bottle rather than pink.

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We shall see what the response to that post is, which isn't really an indicator of awareness.

I only ever heard about it once in a documentary.

I don't think about it that often.

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While I know famines and pestilence are a just another part of human life on earth and cannot be avoided because of the vagaries of women and governments etc, I do believe that a thinking person should prepare themselves for the next famine as it could be the famine to end all famines. The simple fact is they only kill the unprepared. In the great German inflation last century many died of famine too but anyone who had money tucked away survived just fine. I'm not necessarily talking about local currency either, the Weimar Republic marks became worthless, but I read about an American who went there in 1923, rented an apartment and had an account at the deli next door. He gave the shop keeper a $20 US gold coin and that single coin fed him for a month and more. There are lots of ways to pay for food, but you have to plan ahead.

Another point to consider is that a famine always ends, usually when the warm weather and rains come, but also when the imbalance between food supplies and mouths is addressed. I believe many people starved to death in the US in the Great depression, they simply gave up and died. After a certain time on limited rations the body and mind get weak. People simply lose interest in life.

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Famine by nature is part of the existence of humanity.

Humans have been geoengineering for over a century, and governments intentionally harming their populations for much longer than that.

There is zero reason anyone on this planet in this age with this technology should go hungry. All people going hungry is according to their plan.

The Germain inflation is a perfect example of their manipulation going according to plan.

The famine is as engineered as the hysteria and lockdown surrounding COVID.

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Very misinformed.

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How do you explain the soy exports of Brazil being blacklisted by the top soy purchasers of the world? How do you explain Argentina's soy harvests being vandalized and ruined?

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believe it or not I have been wondering why I cant find fucking soy milk

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It has it's pros and cons - and is full of estrogen shit. I prefer the vanilla, but can't afford it nor use milk much at all. I should cut down on cheese.

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the estrogen in soy milk is not the estrogen people think it is and would literally take gallons upon gallons a day to alter anything in your body. I drink almond milk as a drink but use soy in my whey shakes because it has its own protein and a better consistency than almond milk for work out shakes. almond milk in a whey shake feels like water to me and makes me gag.

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I really hope I'm terribly wrong about all of this.

However, just saying I'm misinformed does not help.

Tell me why you think I'm "very misinformed" so that I may inform myself properly.

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    I'm pretty sure I'll be eating meat well into the future. However, my local mexican market has long been selling actual crickets in 16 ounce containers for human consumption. Here's a disgusting article about it.

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      Aw, thanks.

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      I got me an air rifle and have some recipes for pigeon and squirrel. Ready to rebuild!

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      That's a good plan, but what if everyone else also has that plan? That's why I got into aquaponics. Protein and veggies year-round, with air powered lead to supplement (and maybe trade the neighbors their own cats.)

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      99% can't feed themselves anything that doesn't come out of a plastic cup pre-cooked. I think I'm fine.

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      I'm using half my basement to build a year round garden (dependent on electricity for lighting and the gas for the modern "efficient" noisy hot water home heating system my landlady installed over a decade ago in this 100 year old building before I moved in). I've planned to bring fish in later, maybe in a year or two, even if I have to put them in a kiddie pool or few. I may have to protect them from my cats who will likely be entertained by them.

      Trade cats? My 2 cat still have their balls. Maybe I should get a female or two to breed some "cat food". Someone else would have to butcher them if it came to that.

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      I was talking about killing and cleaning them and trading them back to their owners as food. I hate cats. But yeah good stuff on the basement garden. Hydroponics?

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      I would like to do hydroponics too, but I'm pretty sure the additives and fish don't mix.

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      Careful, tons of cat lovers on here. Beats me too, I can't stand these vermin. Dogs all day.

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      Thankyou for the list of subs.

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      Happy to help. Instead of just having YouTube links, I should have added their websites too, but they're there now.