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We need a program to deprogram AOC.

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I never thought about implementing Maoist reeducation camps for racists. But now that you mention it, sounds like a good idea to me. And if the re-education fails, they go to another camp. And if the camps don't work, a Maoist might have a second amendment solution. Ugly. But not as ugly as racism. Lesser of two evils.

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And finally the dem liberal reveals its true intolerant fascist form. There can't be racists since race isn't real....right my little "pro science" apostle?

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Nope. Getting rid of racist brain washing was your idea. I just agree with it. Just because I like your strawman's policies more than I like your policies doesn't mean I morphed into that strawman. Yet.

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Sorry, I said nothing of the sort. You must be mistaking another reply. There's nothing Strawman in what I said. You are the fascist that's clearly advocating re-education camps for people you disagree with. How about respecting ideological diversity? Is it the wrong kind of't align with your narrow minded world view?

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I am anti-fascist (antfa) rather than fascist. Racism is for fascists. That is why putting racists in Maoist reeducation camps seems like good idea. Besides, if I were really cruel, these camps I would have private company run the anti-racism camps. It would be an Apple/GEO Group venture. You will be building iphones while listening to social justice songs over a loud speaker. You will realize that the color of the iphone doesn't matter just as the color of a person doesn't matter. You will thank me after you get out.

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I am anti-fascist (antfa) rather than fascist.

Funny how you sound like a fascist. Are you sure you're not deluding yourself via semantics? Since thinking isn't your strong point as is cliche with most Panty-Fa.

As a liberal, sanctimonious extremists like you are a cancer in the Democratic party, submitting your agency to such hateful doctrines will only end in reeducation camps for you.

Imagine being a self described "antifa" while being a corporate boot licker. Thinking isn't your nauseum.

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I am not very racist. Definitely not racist enough to be a fascist. That is why I am considering the OP's starman argument at face value.

You see, when you say the liberals want to kill you, and the liberals didn't want to kill you, but you convinced everyone that the liberals want to kill you, you just gave liberals licence to kill you after they regain power. A power they didn't ask for.

Like Joe Biden, I tend not to want to kill people. But if I have to choose between killing racists or letting racists kill minorities, I would make the non-fascist choice.

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Holy fuck. Take your meds. Listen kid, the only people you're going to kill is in your mind....You're incompetent at life. A dud. You have failed to launch. A dead branch on a rotting tree.

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I'd rather be a rotting tree than racist. That's why I am considering the OP's strawman argument at face value. I didn't move the Overton window there, but I might as well make use of it. I didn't think of Maoist reeducation camps to oppose racism, but now that right wing idiots are saying that's what the left wants to do, it's up for discussion. Incarisariting neo-nazi and neo-confederates has its upsides. We should prioritize the needs of minorities over the wants of Klan members for a change.

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Its delusional to think that a manufactured enemy like racists are in any way even nearly the largest threat to humanity. Focus on what matters.

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Take your meds

Not the guy you were arguing with, but every time I see someone say that it reminds me to take my heart meds.

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The two articles are different but the pic somehow is the same.

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Now that anyone who's not fully on the bandwagon is classified as a white supremacist, those reeducation facilities are going to be bursting at the seams.