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"Seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people – I’m not saying that in a pejorative sense – seeing these people walking around like lemmings obeying without any knowledge base to put the mask on their face.”

I literally just wear a mask because it's required where I go, and I don't give a flying fuck either way. I doubt it protects me from anything, but not wearing it would cause more problems in my life than is worth it. I get where he's coming from, but the holier-than-thou attitude is a bit much lol

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I feel you on the sense that it's not worth fighting, and losing what you've got. But it's a slippery slope of, well now that you where a mask you have to get the vaccine. Now that we've got you that far you might as well start taking hormone pills so we can neuter you mentally and physically. But drastic but I hope you catch the sentiment.

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Define "required", please.

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At my job, mainly. I wouldn't be allowed in the office without a mask, and the last thing I want to do is risk losing my income over a piece of cloth.

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and this is where it starts, then its "dont want to risk losing my income for....." its going to get worse, this is just a test.

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Fair point. I'm pretty worried about that happening with vaccines. Like maybe the feds won't require it per se, but workplaces will begin to require it of their employees before we even know whether there are side effects

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Is it really a fair point? What should people do, fall on the sword of truth, sacrifice their livelihoods and the wellbeing of their families for.... what exactly? Not everyone is a young person with no dependents who can thumb their nose at the establishment just because they believe they're right.

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If you do not stand, your children will fall.

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I love that quote. Do a thought experiment with me and pretend what you know will send you into desperate poverty. And the people who depend on you. Take a moment and imagine it. What do you stand to gain? What to stand to lose? What about all your children and dependents?

It's a lot different if you're single because you don't have those people counting on you. Although nobody really counts on me, but for those they do.

On a positive note the wife agreed to wear her sexy baby doll sleepwear to bed for the next couple nights. Rawr.

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I'm technically single with no kids, own my own business but also work. I don't want to risk my pension but seriously it's going to get worse for those who aren't me

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Oh no, how dare the notzis *shuffles cards* estabilish secularism?  
That^ poem^ is^ literally^ a^ slippery^ slope^ fallacy

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Bless Israel and the jewish people!

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Is it really a fair point?

Is it an unfair point?

There are things that are worse than unemployment.

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workplaces will begin to require it of their employees before we even know whether there are side effects

This is how it will happen.

Exactly like the mask mandates.

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Danish Makeup Mask Study is Beautiful - Dr Andrew Kaufman

The first published peer reviewed coronavirus mask study.

Kaufman cleverly substituted "mask" with "makeup".

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I have stayed far away from the corona stuff the past few months, but the topic of masks won't fucking go away.

Can someone simply answer me this: why is a mask useless for preventing water droplets from your mouth spreading to other surfaces?

I'm assuming the virus is still transferred via water droplets, not air. I'm not taking a stand here, I would just like this answered. I know surgical masks aren't made for filtering air, that's not the point.

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Have you worn a mask. It just makes all the breath come out the sides instead of the front. It will protect someone directly in front of you but people to the side and behind are screwed.

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Why do surgeons wear masks?

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Lemmings! All lemmings!

...or something

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It makes the AIR come out on the side. Large amount of the droplets fly straight into the mask and remain there.

In East Asia, people have been wearing masks during flu season for decades. I lived there many years, and yes: masks DO work.

Of course wearing them when you are alone in the woods is retarded. But in crowded places with many people, they help.

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The virus is something like .01 microns in size. N95 only filters down to .03 microns. How can a mask block something smaller than it's rated to block?

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those little microns sit in water

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The virus does not travel alone. It is carried by water droplets, who are much bigger and easily stopped by the mask.

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I'm still waiting for a source on the air transfer part.

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You just reddit 😂 In case you need another source: this is the CDC - click on the link that leads to methods and results

Forgive the pun. The redditor in me still shines through every now and then

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N95 masks are very effective for the smaller particles; 'attractive' properties of molecules result in their getting captured by the fibers. This is why you can't wash and re-use them, as it ruins these properties. The mask are also effective for larger molecules. It's the mid-sized molecules that are harder to effectively block and in fact the N95 moniker means that the mask blocks 95% of mid-sized molecules.

There are numerous vids on YT that explain it fully, if you're interested.

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Its transfered in the air, can travel 30 feet and only n95 and above masks stop that.

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this is called aerosol

it can not just travel that far it can float in the air for hours. This is why being in doors where air filtration isn't as good is worse than being ooutside, of course in winter now people don't want to be outside as much.

I think for years the medical community denied that any viruses could spread via aerosol. Just because the health insurance companies wanted to deny it because they didn't want to provide treatment for people that got sick thru those means. Or because big businesses didn't want to spend more money on HVAC flitration systems. Now they still are not admitting this while at the same time recommending masks which won't do much but will help maybe like 5% to stop corona. I really don't think governors want to order lockdowns which hurt the economy but feel they have no choice to stop this.

Second hand smoke from ciggs spreads thru aerosol and we can see the smoke with our own eyes, smell it with our noses, so that is not as controvrsial altho many still hate that we can't smoke indoors in most places. This corona is like breathing out cancer causing smoke 24/7 not just when you're smoking.

Brownian motion explains the scientific principle where as these things can float, you'd thing gravity would pull it right down but it is less dense than the molecules in the air.

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Its transfered in the air, can travel 30 feet and only n95 and above masks stop that.

yes, when i was younger and i would massage a certain part of my anatomy, yes, it could travel up to thirty feet and a mask is advised.

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Are you saying that at certain age you stopped petting your trouser snake? How long did that take?

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Wait, we're supposed to stop?


When? fapfapfapfap

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in my late fifies, every once in a while i get a spark out of it, and sometimes it can catch me off guard and it actually scares me a bit. omg, am i glad that curse has played itself out.

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fapfapfap I'm still waiting for a reason fapfapfap to stop. fapfapfapfap

The fapplecopters are closing in, I'm screwed

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I'm finally screwed. Don't have to fap. breathes deeply, sighs

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i thought that it was the cocaine that was making me think that the fapplecopters were following me from one titty bar to another.

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Can you sauce me on the air transfer bit? if that is the case then yes, masks are useless unless they are N95.

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Do you mean source? Just type it in to a search engine.

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thats the problem litterally google just what you said and it has what is likely fake news saying the masks work, that is the problem with saying search engine it, do you mean a different search engine

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It's spread via "Bio-Aerosols", rendering cloth masks useless. If you can smell smoke or perfume while wearing one, then you know they're ineffective since the virus is smaller than the scent molecule.

To get past Google results censorship, use or, for a start. Many others.

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Aerosols means water droplets. Those are big enough to be stopped by masks.

What you should use to research scientific publications is the ncbi website or sciencedirect.

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Aerosols means water droplets.

Oh really?

Bioaerosol Definition: A bioaerosol is a suspension of airborne particles that contain living organisms or were released from living organisms. These particles are very small and range in size from less than one micrometer to one hundred micrometers.

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Do you understand what "suspension" means? It means a mixture containing particules. In this case, the mixture is fine droplets. The mention "droplets and aerosols" you will see in some publications basically means "droplets and very fine droplets".

In any case, masks are effective at limiting spread of aerosols:

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I dont think you understand. A Bioaerosol does not necessitate the presence of moisture.

And again until you understand.

Bioaerosols are airborne particles, solid or liquid. They can be large molecules or volatile compounds. They contain living organisms. They will vary in size from a fraction of a micron to around 100 microns.

Also, like the CDC first said in the spring, this is why cloth masks don't work.

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Aerosol, a system of liquid or solid particles uniformly distributed in a finely divided state through a gas, usually air.

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The first three links I got were to studies showing that it's likely covid-19 spreads thrpugh the air. Im working so not in a position to dig deeper while on my break with my phone. Sorry

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oh yeah I know what you mean it spreads thru air now that doesn't mean it doesn't also spread thru droplets so the masks still help altho not 100%, it'd be a fallacy to argue that since no one said wear a mask and you're 100% safe

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It helps like pulling out stops pregnancies. In that they don't.

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bad analogy because pulling out does help stop pregnancies, not 100%, but no one said it would. 100% would be not having sex and not getting close to anyone ever. But you do have to do certain things like buy food in a grocery store, so that is where you must wear a mask.

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You talk about bad analogies but then use the only analogy that would actually stop the spread. 100% lockdown. LOL

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Can someone simply answer me this: why is a mask useless for preventing water droplets from your mouth spreading to other surfaces?

The mechanism of transmission is not currently understood.

Numerous studies have been conducted about the use of protective gear among healthcare workers, and sanitising procedures.

Most studies are looking for statistically significant reductions in confirmed cases of influenza among healthcare workers based on the use of protective equipment.

The summary of the studies that I've read.

There's no statistical significance in most studies between N95 masks, and the common disposable medical masks.

Other studies have looked for a reduction in confirmed cases of influenza between wearing a mask vs no masks.
Again, no statistically significant difference.

It's gets more interesting, because some of these studies also include additional hand washing in their studies, vs. no additional hand washing procedures.
Again, no statistically significant differences.

In these studies the researchers state generally in their conclusions that everyone already knows that hand washing reduces influenza transmissions, etc.
They aren't willing to rock the boat.

So, they continue to recommend the hand washing procedures among health care workers for influenza and viruses.

It's probably worth mentioning that these hands washing procedures are generally ignored. If they were followed, then every healthcare worker would have chronically dry skin, etc, which is why hospital borne infection would be the #2 cause if death if hospitals reported honestly, but that's another subject.

Please do not misinterpret what I'm suggesting...
The hand washing procedures are beneficial for reducing the spread of bacterial infections. Hand washing is important.

However, hand washing doesn't appear to have a statistically significant impact on reducing confirmed cases of influenza among health care workers.

We're told that viruses can float through the air, and survive on surfaces, and in droplets.

I can't find any actual evidence to support this. Which sounds crazy.

Here's another crazy fact. The German court handled a case involving the measles and a lack of evidence for the measles virus.
Apparently the measles virus had never been isolated.

If there are any studies that indicates that the influenza virus has been isolated, then I'd like to see them.
If it hasn't been isolated it, then what do they have imagine the flu vaccines? IDK.

So what are we really looking at?
What is really going on???

Nobody knows for certain (at least publicly).

Competing theories exist to the viral/bacterial infection theories.

Terrain theory worth looking into it you're not already familiar with it.

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Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever

I'm curious what is his basis for this claim. Way back in March, the initial thinking was that masks were not a good idea, since it would lead to people touching and grabbing at their face. Then Austria issued a mask mandate anyway and saw their rates plummet almost immediately. Since then, the effectiveness of masks seems to be well-established, except by conspiracy nuts who think fabric squares somehow take away their rights.

Also his comment about people under age 65 is interesting. Old people don't matter I guess? Surprising to see to the "fuck it, let the old people die" attitude from a medical professional.

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Omgawsh. How many times can I post this link that another kind saiditor gave me.

And he didnt try to fuck old folks. He said care should be taken to avoid exposing them to it. Kind of like: DONT GO SEE GRANNY AT THE NURSING HOME IF YOU HAVE PNEUMONIA

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Some comments on that article.

  1. Considering this is Saidit, I'm surprised you are sharing a Chinese study.

  2. This is a literature review, not a direct study. You are likely aware of that, but not everyone is going to actually look at the article.

  3. This is the wildest part to me:

However, results from our meta-analysis on RCTs did not provide evidence to support a protective effect of hand hygiene against transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. 

I've never heard anyone arguing that we shouldn't be washing our hands. Do all these anti-mask people not wash their hands either? /s

But seriously , this I think really shows the limitations of these kinds of studies. Obviously you can't tell one group they're not allowed to wash their hands for X weeks, as that would be an ethics violation, just as you can't outright infect them with the flu. To achieve statistical signifance, you'd need a larger sample size than is feasible.

Interesting side note is that one could make this statement: this study shows wearing masks is as effective as hand-washing at stopping the flu. 🙃

  1. The findings of the individual studies don't quite match. Here's quotes from the first two cited RCTs:

We observed significant reductions in ILI during weeks 4-6 in the mask and hand hygiene group, compared with the control group, ranging from 35% (confidence interval [CI], 9%-53%) to 51% (CI, 13%-73%), after adjusting for vaccination and other covariates.

Face masks and hand hygiene combined may reduce the rate of ILI and confirmed influenza in community settings. These non-pharmaceutical measures should be recommended in crowded settings at the start of an influenza pandemic.

So I think a fair interpretation is that the results range from "masks don't seem to do much, but wear them anyway because they don't hurt" on the one end, to "masks are effective at stopping the flu" on the other, and this article says that statistically (across only a few studies, mind you--that's another surprise here, how few studies have actually been done) it errs toward the former.

So while interesting, I don't think this is quite the bombshell article you wanted it to be.

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He clearly said we need to protect older more vulnerable people. It was in the 4th paragraph in case you missed it.

As for the effectiveness of masks.... He has a dam good point about HOW people wear them. Go to any grocery store and in 5 min you will find people "kinda" wearing them, mouth covered and noise hanging out, "saving you family and neighbors" (-Literal quote from my 6:00pm local news while I was writing this.)

Also, according to Austria is now (Nov 19th) in the worse shape since this all started. With 77000+ active cases. As far as I'm aware mask are still mandatory there. This country and almost all others are in the same boat. The masks did nothing.

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They dont work anyway . Read the text, or one of the times that I posted the link to where the cdc admits they dont work. Keep mosquitos out, or in, with a chain-link fence. Dare ya.

Do any of you people understand how small a virus is? The reason SARS was potentially catastrophic was because if it is on a dust particle, it can survive a hurricane- and land on US shores...
Anybody remember?

Anybody? Did you wear a mask with this airborne pathogen threat? Anybody?

Are you still alive?

Thought so.

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For the last week of this semester, I've been trying to consciously not wear a mask in my dorm at college. I'm tired of pretending that I'm scared of COVID. Nobody has bothered me about it yet. :)

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While I agree that mask wearing often is just virtue signalling, this dude is incorrect too, and is just virtue signalling the other way.

Masks do work, In East Asia (were I lived many years) people wear masks regularly during flu season. And it very much helps. There are many decades of experience with masks and flu-like viruses.

Many of the "mask rules" of the far left extremists are completely useless. But in crowded places, masks do work.

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Different types of masks being tested: results