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Rarely are Trump supporters permitted to present their case and argue the merits of it in any venue with popular reach

Merits? Some people's method of argumentatation disavows merit. Actually, some people disavow reasoned argument altogether.

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That happens on both sides. While there are some Trump supporters whom I ignore, there are others I don't. But in either case, this is what free speech means. This is the traditional "person on the street corner" problem. Before the internet, some people would go on street corners and say really crazy stuff. Stuff that made those of us passing by feel uncomfortable. But we walked on, and we ignored them. Unless they were acting in a demonstrably threatening manner that would lead to violence, we ignored them. This ability to ignore the voices with whom we disagree to the point of discomfort is sadly lacking today.

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So true. And when you can't tell the difference between a rant on national news media vs. a street corner, there is a problem.

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    Feel free. Any ideas I might have are an extension of other ideas I have been exposed to, and I have no feeling of "ownership" of any of it. I appreciate the support.

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    And it is scary. I don't know how it will be possible to breathe in a few years from now.