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The greater the economic divide, the greater the appeal of revolutionary change. When the rich keep getting richer, while schools are crumbling in need of repair, while drinking water is poisoned, while life-sustaining medicine is not affordable, while jobs pay less than a living wage - so long as the damage and inequality is deep and tragic, socialism attracts. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. If you wish to avoid a full-up socialist revolution, tweak your capitalism to end the evil it produces. Capitalism fails when the leaders take the "let them eat cake" attitude, failing to act for the greater good only to line their own pockets. Now what were you saying about pre-existing conditions?

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The elites control Hollywood, the media, Wall Street, and the government.

Almost nothing major happens in the US without the approval of the elites.

Debt benefits the ruling class.

Nanny state laws help our overlords meet their private private quotas.

There are wars because the 1% owns the defense companies and they want more refugees to reduce wages.

There are food stamps because the 1% owns the food corporations and makes money from the bank fees.

The ruling class supports Obamacare and mandatory liability insurance laws because they make money from insurance premiums.

The elites support illegal immigration because they want to divide the population.

The 1% supports homosexuality because immorality weakens the US.

When was the last time you saw a movie about the Bill of Rights, freedom, or family values?

Why are females, immorality, blacks, and illegal immigrants praised, but morality and white men are ridiculed?

What if the reason the 99% are not in concentration camps now is because the US Ponzi economy has not collapsed yet and Americans still have guns?

Why is anyone who supports immorality, war, debt, welfare, tyranny, and illegal immigrants labeled normal, but anyone who supports morals, peace, a balanced budget, personal responsibility, freedom, and reduced immigration is called a spammer, troll, shill, bot, racist, junkie, retard, or nutjob?

Anyone who supports the government, immorality, war, debt, welfare, tyranny, and illegal immigrants is just a tool of the elites.

Freedom is not your enemy. Tyranny is the enemy.

The US is no longer a democracy. The government, media, and corporations are the same thing now. Asking for more government regulations to control corporations is like asking a robber to watch your house when you go on vacation.

The 1% doesn't care about regulations because they write the rules, have connections, and can afford lawyers.

The police state doesn't benefit you. Tyranny benefits the elites.