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This is why I don't use Google. Duckduckgo is all-around the better search engine.

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I switched to ddg when google started filtering mass shootings. Fuck, that sounds awful. But I just don't like there's a second class of citizens online who aren't allowed to view things. Why do they get to tell me I can't see something when they can.

Although, controlling what people see is enormously powerful and I have to give props to Google for understanding that so early in the day. Just, I think they shot their flagship product in the foot and haven't experienced the fallout yet. Maybe they won't. Maybe it'll be like Facebook where your Aunts and distant relatives post totally fake shit and absolutely nobody bothers to fact check it.

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If they could have their way, they'd do more than filter. Anyone who goes to look up the primary sources would be suspect. NZ made it illegal to go realize that their like one shooting evar was done specifically be someone who wanted guns banned. He got his wish.

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not conservative ecomomics