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Great post. Well researched and actually sourced. This, or something of this caliber, should be linked to in the new user guide, to give people an idea of saidit's expectations for post quality.

The smart gun point is interesting, and is a great example of the magical thinking that has infested leftist policy discussion. Ask a leftist about an intractable issue, instead of giving an unpopular or definitive answer they'll start talking about future tech that will change everything.
Online voting? Unhackable state-of-the-art software, don't worry about it bro. Universal Basic Income? Don't worry, infinite technological innovation will replace the need for human innovation or participation, and will bankroll the whole endeavor.
An alternative to the wall? A lot of leftist colleagues loved to call it "medieval" and explain that only a moron would build a physical barrier, if we had to lock down the border (and they would quickly assure that we don't), it would be best to use sensors and drones. I'm sure there is a high tech solution to border control, but nothing like this has been implemented or even conceived, and the closest we have to global experts (Israel and China) maintain that physical barriers are necessary foundations to be supplemented by tech based solutions. It's interesting comparing modern discourse to old presidential and economic debates, it's a true testament to the destruction of education how degraded the thinking has become.

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it would be best to use sensors and drones

To be fair, I suspect it could work if automatic turrets were added to this equation (I think Israel had certain success with it in 2007-2008). I wonder what would illegal migrants think about this idea.

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You did a thorough job taking apart all of Drewskis points. He is a memetic libtard.

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Fracking destroys ground water. I could give two shits less about the price of oil, and so should the entire country. Oil trade only encourages globalism. We need our ground water more than we need foreign oil. I say fuck corn syrup, and fuck corn exports. Turn it all into ethanol. And fuck air travel. A plane ticket shouldn't be so cheap. Keep this up, and we'll all be buying our water from Nestlé and we wont be able to take showers or baths.

OH, but Fuck Biden, or whatever person has their hand shoved up his ass, and is operating him like a real doll puppet.

Ĥ̅͛ǝ̮̺͕̲̰llo ʍoɹlp' I,m Qnǝsʇᴉouɐqlǝ.̬̘̟ͅ

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I agree that Biden is worse in many ways, and you won't see me posting any pro-Biden content. My intention was to point out some of Trump's flaws and open up some discussion, which I think was successful.

I have many friends that will be voting for Trump in November and I understand their perspective, but I personally cannot morally justify voting for a president that has infringed on the Second Amendment (and wants to go further, through red flag laws, silencer bans and other things he's suggested), increased the welfare state, massively increased military budgets, increased the national debt, bailed out corporations (again), elected blatant neocons and warmongers to his cabinet, increased tariffs and other protectionism, and whose administration has been more hostile to whistleblowers even than Obama's.

The "lesser of two evils" is still an evil, and I won't validate a corrupt system by voting for one of two establishment candidates.