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While a debate moderated by him would be more fun, it also highlights how this is all just entertainment. I still like some of his guests and podcasts, but he is undoubtedly controlled opposition IMO.

I think that with hoaxes and controlled opposition that folks deem on "their" side, they don't look too closely. They want it to be real. Want those people to be real. Thats still dangerous; maybe even moreso.

Yeah, Joe would be entertaining/more engaging than traditional moderators. Maybe, this would be a good distraction so that people don't look at real issues with debates, like how they changed the measurements last election to exclude libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, who was the only candidate speaking sensibly. Couldn't have that in a debate. They switched from registered voters to likley voters (or vice versa) midway so that they couldnt meet the minumum required %.

You guys keep focused on the moderators instead of who controls the debates, though..