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A site would turn to trash fast without some sort of moderation.

"some sort of moderation" also includes self-moderation and, miraculously, it also doesn't make site liable for user content because a user does it for himself rather than site on someone's behalf.

This will kill free speech by killing all of the platforms.

You are basically saying "forcing to make a choice between having a free speech or die will kill free speech" which doesn't make much sense. Some platforms will definitely stay censoring shitholes while they can and then drop the user-generated content completely (e.g. certain SJW propaganda rags already dropped comment sections). Okay, this will free some niche and audience for platforms with free speech and encourage it in general.

Magnora censored and banned that Nazi dude the other day.

And if he wasn't allowed to do that he could argue with his host that he can't, thus allowing fine gentlemen from IcePoseidon2 to stay.

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And just hire an army of bots and shills to trash the site. I won't stay in a place like that where I have to sift through a bunch of crap to try and participate. Any posts would would slide off. Who would even stay to self-moderate? A pay processor and/or advertisers could still choose to not do business with whoever.

You seem to put a lot of trust in the govenment to think that they are trying to help vs trying to control.

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It's already that.