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Apparently college in California is exclusively for children. Adults need not apply.

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I don't understand how you can "train" someone to not be racist. To me, this comes across as indoctrination that will end badly.

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It's not about training someone to not be racist. It's about aggrandizing liturgical power and normalizing displays of submission to the left's new religion. "Canceling" those who heretically question the dogma is another word for excommunication. "Unconscious bias," "whiteness," and "white privilege" is original sin for which there's no atonement, only Sisyphean acts of contrition. The modern devout worshipper kneels at the feet of blacks and kisses their shoes, demonstrating fealty and submission to the symbolic Goddess of Diversity. There's also symbolism here that the Chosen are so holy that the very ground on which their feet is transformed, and thus even the dirt from their feet may serve for sacrament. Imagine how heretical it'd be if a white kissed a Black's shoe and then immediately spit out dirt.

(Side note: Keep in mind that last month all major leftist news outlets announced they're capitalizing Black, and schools are now grading it for proper grammar. There was a time this was true for God, and Him, as in The Christ. They claim this is for taxonomical purposes, but they spit on the idea of saying White.)

The worship is displayed crudely--like the unsophisticated rites of a new religion--when whites literally kiss black feet, and slightly more sophisticated when a line of whites kneel in a protest when challenged if they agree with the church's teachings. In each case the act of submission is always performed before an audience--the clergy, often congregated via social media, and more vigilant than Christ looking down from the cross.

Unlike Christianity, no one died to absolve you for your original sin in the eyes of God, therefore you have not guaranteed path to salvation, or maybe none at all. Rather, in a Paganesque or Jewish manner, if you are not born into the Chosen nation (nation meaning literally a group of people) then you are not capable of being saved. You're only capable of forever striving to avoid more flagellation than you righteously deserve.

Kneeling is often not enough. You must kneel lower than everyone else in the clergy (outdoing other members in your displays of contrition or wokeness--adherence to the liturgical teachings) or you risk going through an ordeal: a public Passion, unless you belong to God's Chosen. It's why you can select any random group of adherents and have them witness a white man, the victim of a car accident, being shoved to the ground in a daze, helpless, and watch him be kicked in the head with lethal force, and their instant reaction is to chant religious slogans about Goddess' Chosen and slur insults at the sinner. He was born with sin. It's why a black can execute a 5-year-old white child and from behind the pulpit all they say that the child probably blasphemed, and we don't know the full story.

The Saved du jour are based on intersectionality, a social lie brought to us by radical feminists; the concept is mostly that you can define arbitrary groups of oppressors vs. oppressed based on the intersection of categories that you choose without rigor or experimental result; solipsism and rhetorical devices are enough to make a case for the validity of these groups' boundaries. If they cease being useful or reality exposes the weakness of your unforged conjecture (as it continually must), you can redefine them at will. The current ones are blacks. Previously it was illegal immigrants, Muslims, and some amount of reverence is still demanded of women, trannies, lesbians, and gays, in that order. Muslims in particular ostensibly broke every major teaching of the religion, but just like for white women it doesn't matter. The Goddess didn't breathe life into the world with Logos, as God did in Genesis. Instead, she shed motherly tears of compassion and it created ideal beings.

The motherbear Goddess mostly chooses the cub bears to protect based on exclusory principles: whoever is a threat to her power is not Chosen, and the others are. White men, who hold the most natural and historical potential to reassert traditionalism, conservatism, and respect for the Enlightenment (like respect for rationalism), are the biggest threats and thus the targets that must be put under the heel hardest and most quickly. White women, Jewish journalists and academics, black beneficiaries of welfare, and illegal immigrant beneficiaries of de facto legal nullification, stand to benefit the most from the religion and thus have already been gifted Indulgences to salvation.

One could expect that white women would firmly be put in an intersection that makes them oppressors along with "cishet" white men, as the purported tenets of the religion outright state this in the teachings on "privilege," but not so: for one, the extreme degree of religious conformity that women are naturally predisposed to is essential for spreading the religion (and modern women are nothing if not atheist by default, and if not by default then by university zeitgeist--ripe for conversion); second, women are almost exclusively responsible for social media, which is absolutely essential for congregations and religious revelry; and third, most women are emotional thinkers, and the religion propagates via faith-based emotion and withers under rational scrutiny.

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The system is so desperate to crush the white race that it's trying to associate "racism" as a moral crime, with the resistance of white people. Soon having white kids will get you labelled as a nazi. But what if people start to see it as a good thing?

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It's important to talk about racial adversity from a historical standpoint but this idea of 'curing' racism is misguided. This type of crap will certainly lead to a backfire since schools want to focus on enforcing compliance rather than say 'hey why do we have these feeling about people different from us? lets talk about it'

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regarding racism, trains can be useful, for example they worked well to ship nice jewish people to work camps and death camps.

now we just need some trains to ship all of the evil white people to some new death camps.

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there is a very fanatical group of christians in houston(all black) that believes that jesus was black and they purely believe that white people are satan.

i have seen them preaching on the street in downtown houston.

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GC probably supports this.

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Don't car insurance companies basically charge black people more?