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Defund the police growing louder after the biggest pedophile scheme was exposed, That's interesting

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Immoral and criminal people don't want the law around.

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Yes they do! Just not for them, ie., bankers, politicians, etc.

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Everyone interested in boycotting these companies should check out /s/Activism and the boycott list there:

There's also some great resources on Ruqqus:

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They’re mostly doing so because they’ve probably been bullied by the blm inquisition to do so. I mean, Pokemon? Come on!

And that idiot saying “policing is a violent institution” is a fucking moron, but what can you expect from someone who’s fighting to let thugs roam free?

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I'm most mad at Ritz 😖

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I feel you, their snacks are pretty good.

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Yes, and filled with glyphosate.

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That’s what makes them delicious.

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Mmm, nonalcoholic fatty liver and Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma so tasty

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They’re mostly doing so because they’ve probably been bullied by the blm inquisition to do so. I mean, Pokemon? Come on!

And that idiot saying “policing is a violent institution” is a fucking moron, but what can you expect from someone who’s fighting to let thugs roam free?

If they're gonna be a bunch of bitches, then I'm not buying any of their shit. Fuck 'em. They're not even helping black people. They're helping white Democrats. Who the fuck needs Shitz crackers?

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Black people don’t even take the opportunity to help themselves. They were freed nearly 2 centuries ago, given things like affirmative action and social security, and yet they’re still in ghettos killing each other and attacking other minorities while demonizing the white person.

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Look at Haiti they have a whole country in a top tourist destination area of the world that would have money flowing in for nothing. All they have to do is not be a shit hole and they can’t even do it.

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Such an ignorant, retarded statement. First sentence, generalization fallacy.

Black people and lower income white people didn't live too bad in the mid early 60's to late 70's; if we disregard racism. A racism that now permeates SOME blacks today against whites via divide and conquer broadcast and whites against blacks.

The REAL PROBLEM is crony-capitalism as well as ungodly, fallible wealthy men (not all) and women (not all), as well as the welfare bums and corporaye state pensioners who are parasites. But the real problem is financial. It is permanent public debt and corporatization.

They suck your pennies dry in one of the many use to be manufacturing towns before demolishing their Us manufacturing hubs, and looking elsewhere out of the country. They leave a defeated people, both white, brown and black; with little resources, no way to get loans, poor health, no job that pays high enough for their rents and bills, etc.

We have how many people unemployeed? And the media: not FOX news, and certainly not Cnn ever talk about the nearly 90 million who are NOT IN THE LABOR force.

We have a big problem and its a corporate coup.

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I won't though deny that inner cities, with high black populations, have a high crime and murder rate.

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The Pokemon company? What the fuck? Well, I'm not buying their shit anymore. I mean, what fucking idiots. You wanna help black people, why not donate to organizations that actually help? UNCF, anyone?

Oh, damn, just went down the list. Square Enix. Mother-fuckers.

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Stay healthy. Avoid buying things that have BLM connections. These things are full of nasty preservatives that will rot your brain out.

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And Israel. Don't buy anything from Israel.

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Went to college with a lot of rich kid trust fund types from major cities around the world. It's pretty hard for me to take American blue-collar working class types seriously with their "Work hard, be rewarded" bullcrap. The rich in this country are some of the nastiest, morally warped, evil people out. They're out of touch with reality. Rap was big with many of them, even twenty years ago. That alone speaks volumes.

Their support of BLM really doesn't surprise me, considering many of the kids I went to school with are probably in pretty senior management positions now. They're idiots. They don't actually work in the hood or deal with any black people. They romanticize everything they do.

That's why when I see lower-class people talking about how genius and calculating the rich are, I just roll my eyes. They run a 100m race 10 meters away from the finish line while everyone else starts at the beginning...

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I bet they're all owned by The Big Three:

Larry Fink (CEO of BlackRock), Joseph Hooley (CEO of State Street), Mortimer Buckley (CEO of the Vanguard Group)

They have a total of $11t in assets, and control 40% of all publicly listed companies in the US.

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good on 'em. ACAB.

police organizations have lost all credibility.

authority is given by the people and we no longer extend that authority to police.

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Just had a random thought.

I think a lot of these corporations and governments are working overtime to turn this into a racial issue, rather than a police brutality issue. Making it a racial issue skirts around defunding the police, and allows corporations to donate big bucks to racial charities rather than anti-police ones (as most have).

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The big bucks that they can write off when it comes to tax season. Thats why any corporation donating thousands or millions of dollars don't actually mean anything except that they want to hop on the bandwagon. This is just like how they show the pride flag for a month, donate, get their good publicity, then rip it all down and write it off in August and April.

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Lol, and the authority that BLM groups give to random shit heads is a joke. They go around tormenting/beating the living shit out of innocent people because the leaders are nobodies who can't get a meeting with anyone who can make a change.