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She's going about this all wrong. She needs to simply state that she identifies as president. Then, we would all have to accept her as president or be culturally insensitive jerks. It's socially not allowed to be so insensitive, therefore she would gain the consensus because we would all recognize her as president.


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And I want to be a starfighter pilot, we don't always get what we want.

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Niiiiiice! Work music, thanks so much!!!

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What? You're not a Starfighter pilot?!

I joined the Trump spaceforce. It's great. Except for no one has been assigned to any spacecraft....

Any day now..

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I'm starting to think she is the designated loser. It's her job to make the winner look good. She did it for Obama, she did it for Trump.

The only reason the DNC is stupid enough to keep running her is because of funding reasons I guess? The Clinton Foundation must be throwing a lot of cash towards the DNC, I'd imagine, and that's their primary reason why they don't pull away from her. Because you have to be pretty unlikable to lose to Donald Trump. All the polls showed Bernie would've beat Trump, but the DNC didn't listen...

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Bernie would've beat Trump, but the DNC didn't listen...

This still just makes my blood boil.

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Just a bit of wishful thinking by Breitbart and Clinton...

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I'm not American

But how can the Democrats STILL not see the 'Clinton' hate? I remember people disliking/hating them in the Bush years, yet still after the last (ultimate) defeat She thinks she does the party good sprouting this? There have to be more capable people in the party I would figure, probably even enough capable women to fill up all the senator seats.