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    Could a victim actually sue them in the US?

    I mean I know you guys like suing each other.

    Or could they get them for some form of sex discrimination?

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    So, rapists are now higher on the Intersectional Stack than women are? Are the feminists now duty bound to shut up and take it for the greater struggle?

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    People of Rape (PoR) are an extremely oppressed minority and this is just their way of making their voices heard. If you are not a PoR, then you don't understand their struggle, period.

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    the rape laws should be changed.. in order for someone to charge another with rape, first he or she should allow themselves to try to enjoy the situation for at least twenty or thirty minutes, try to make a sincere effort to please the partner, and then if after twenty minutes you still are not feeling like you are into it just say so and the alleged rapist should pull out and allow you to go about your day.

    this would make the situation much easier and hassle free for all parties involved.

    a shit ton of lesbians could be converted back to sucking cock if this system were adopted internationally.

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    Yes, that's basically what's happening on a de facto level thanks to leftism.

    Oh and don't forget migrants from non-Christian countries. Nothing to see there... No. And if you report on it, then you'll get jail time.

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    The solution is to set bail much higher for violent offences or not offer it at all.

    This guy shouldn't have been out on the streets at any price.

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    I don't blame the fund that paid the bail here, they are right, a rapist shouldn't be able to get bail in the first place, that is a violent crime and they're likely to go commit more crimes. Why did the judge allow bail, due to the soy system we have in place now and letting people out due to covid.

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    Soy boys are everywhere. Some get legal degrees.

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    yeah it's kind of scary it seems most new lawyers are soy due to the colleges, trump appointing conservative judges is only important thing I guess

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    This is why their overly huge concern over hurt feefees and people feeling bad being wrong, even if they did horrible crimes, is all bullshit. I really do not understand how, in such a horribly narcissistic society, there is such a large group of people who CLAIM to be overly empathetic and are way too concerned with feelings.