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Talk to your kids. Tell them that if a teacher ever tells them not to trust parents they need to tell you immediately. If the teacher ever tells them there is something they should not share with parents you need to know immediately. It is nothing short of negligent parenting that kids are being brainwashed. It is up to the parents to fight back.

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Its called brainwashing younglings, and turning them against their parents and omitting very important facts and teaching them to dismiss it as bigoted hate thought. communists persuade no one, they only sow seeds of discord, and when they gain power they install extremely corrupt governments by nature.

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Terrifying and disgusting. When teachers are afraid that parents may hear what their children are being thought is a clear mark that there is a scheme involved that kids will not recognize but adults would.

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all children over the age of five years old should be required to transition for at least ten years. any boy over the age of eight should have his penis surgically removed during homeroom class, he will be allowed to have it reattached after he finishes college with at least a 4.0 gpa. penis will be kept on ice in the principals office. school staff is not responsible for theft or damage to stored penises.

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Home schooling with the help of hand picked Udemy courses is the way forward.

Also, make Sunday school classes, EVERY DAY

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Oh, I wouldn't worry too much . . . No one fucking cares what teachers say.

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that may be true if you are a nigger or mudslime

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Nah, I actually taught. Plenty of white trash isn't listening. Also, the woke fuckers who all think they'll be lawyers, politicians, or in somehow charge aren't listening either -- they aren't picking up their opinions from teachers (not prestigious enough), but their own radicalized slices of the internet.

But, yes, I'll give you that black kids insisting on acting like the niggers they see in the media are the worst. Just get that white trash is really close.

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That's why the communists want to lower education standards.

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Oh. . . they ain't the only ones.

I get it, man. Stuff is shitty. You need some scapegoats. I already told you niggers suck. I am admitting leftist, particularly the woke ones, are ass-raping education. But if white people had actual principles and a backbone, they could have done better. At some point people have to assume responsibility, rather than act like their enemies are super-powered beings.

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Your right, Indians, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese do better than whites in our education system not because they are smarter than us but because they are more disciplined than us, and they respect their elders and they feel so bad about failing that they kill themselves.

White kids don't do that, if they fail school they will still go on and play on their video games, go outside to meet their friends, or watch tv. If a parent does decide to keep his child in for failing school, his friends would go snitch to some child trafficking organization like CPS to "rescue" the child from a "abusive" parent.

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100% agree. Culture and family matters.

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Benjamin Boyce covered this topic as well:

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If you think brainwashing in education is limited to left/right politics you're being played. Education IS brainwashing. This is why I'm not having kids. Is picking out individual teachers worth the effort if you're going to let your kids sit in front of YouTube/network TV/cabal media? Do you even have the resources to avoid that? I don't have the resources to do it properly, otherwise If you know an alternative, please share. Someone mentioned Sunday school. That seems like more of the same to me. For example, the evangelicals teaching to have kids as arrows of god to fight in a war, billed as prophesy but this is leadership by prayer into war by raising population, is it not?

For education effects on society You see the results of this in Hong Kong with the older generation vs the younger. You probably have some disagreements with your parents over politics, right?

Do individual teachers have time to rewrite curriculum this much?

I try to avoid politics as much as I can seeing as I live in China. Reminds me of teachers in Chinese struggle sessions during the cultural revolution and Mao. The furthest 'left' I think I've gone in a class is when a kid asked me 'This is a picture of a girl dressed as a fireman. Girls can't be firemen.' I replied with 'We have female firefighters in my country. Some can be pretty strong.' Did I overstep the mark? I didn't even notice that the picture was female. I don't have time for fiddling with stuff like that.

If teaching really gets anymore of a political minefield I'll have to up my tutoring game and just tutor 1:1 for parents who've got the $ for it. That way I can tailor it to individuals rather walking this minefield of shaping minds into a cooperative group I can avoid the politics completely.

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You're right. This stuff shouldn't be handled in a class. I tried to avoid it for ages. But then I realised I can't avoid it because often you can't teach level 3 until you've settled issues at level 1.

As an example, my student doesn't want to do the work. For ages I labelled that as not my job. This meant I couldn't do my job of teaching because in order to do that I need some basic level of behaviour in the classroom. So then we started talking about feelings and emotions and sorting out the stuff that no one else had. Once we done that unwarranted, unpaid therapy work, we managed to actually do some ***ing spelling done!

These teachers are trying to heal wounds in societies in order to get their jobs done.

As another example, kids turn off their webcams and mute their mics. WHat are you going to do about that? Are you going to: 1) ignore it 2) try playing hardball 3) get into brainwashing

I've done all 3. Any advice on what else to do, please help.