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Looks pretty real to me.

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I'm aware he existed and supposedly rescued Jews. My point is his book is classed as fiction. Why is the movie based on the book "based on a true story"? when did fiction become a true story?

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Except the book isn't fiction, it's semi-documentary. It is based on official documents, letters and interviews while also filling in unknown parts of the story and framing the story for narrative impact. By your logic, not a single "based on a true story" movie is true, because they all employ exaggeration and fiction to some degree.

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This is as pro-JIDF a source as you can get, and even they're saying it's fiction.

There's a difference between embellishing a personal story, like The Pursuit of Happyness for instance, and attempting to re-write history by calling a movie based on a fictional book a true story. Not just a true story, but one of the best movies based on a true story to have ever existed.

I think there should definitely be an exception for movies that are supposed to be based in history. They should be forced to have a disclaimer for certain scenes that are fabrications in historical movies, otherwise they are literally pushing propaganda.

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So you think that a single sentence in a wikipedia article (that you yourself call out for not being trustworthy) somehow transforms a non-fictional book into a fictional book. I'm curious: given that the german wikipedia article explicitly says that it is based on "official documents, letters and interviews" and is a "semi-documentary novel," and by your logic this must mean that this must be true, we now live in a world in which somehow there exists a direct contradiction. Is the universe going to explode now?

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All art is propaganda - George Orwell