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This shows their true intention. It was never about reducing police brutality. Body cams lead to a fall in complaints against the police, perhaps by a change in police behavior. Something which should be cheered by everyone. Hovewer, body cams also lead to a lower conviction rate for police officers, exposing a lot of the allegations against them to be frivolous. Instead of proving police officers to use excess force it showed in alot of cases that the alleged victims of police brutality were in fact completely self to blame. Obviously, that cannot continue to happen. They need their boogey man (police) or else they themselves would be the bad guys. In addition, footage from body cams disprove the narrative of the ongoing riots being 'peaceful', another reason why they want them banned.

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Can't have those pesky facts getting in the way of those lucrative trials.

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    Groups like the ACLU have really shown their true colours in the past few years. I used to support Amnesty International, but withdrew my support after contacting them in relation to Count Dankula. After some delay they sent me a generic letter taking the form of 'we support freedom of expression, but...'

    The right to freedom of opinion and expression should be one of the cornerstones of any society. This right includes "the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media, regardless of frontiers" (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19). For more than forty years, Amnesty International (AI) has defended this right against attempts by governments across the globe to stifle religious dissent, political opposition and artistic creativity.

    However, the right to freedom of expression is not absolute -- neither for the creators of material nor their critics. It carries responsibilities and it may, therefore, be subject to restrictions in the name of safeguarding the rights of others. In particular, any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence cannot be considered legitimate exercise of freedom of expression. Under international standards, such "hate speech" should be prohibited by law.

    Given the vague and every-changing definitions of 'hate speech' the same logic could be applied to the many causes they champion abroad. Meanwhile, a guy has a criminal conviction for making an obvious work of comedy that mocks Hitler. It's not unreasonable to expect that their position would have been different had the man in question not been a straight white male with the wrong political views. Fuck these frauds. Freedom of expression subject to not causing offence is no freedom.

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    The same ACLU who wants to legalize paid rape of women by men.

    The same ACLU that thinks sterilizing and medicalizing GNC and gay children is A-OK.

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    Time to buy bodycams, people.

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    a lot of the allegations against them to be frivolous

    I've seen so many allegations collapse when it turned out the cop either had his body cam on, or his dashcam was on and got it all.

    Also some things the cops did that you wouldn't have believed otherwise.

    They are for everyone's protection.

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    That's a great idea.

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    Eventually we will all be forced to wear them when we leave our houses anyway.

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    Nah, it'll be like dashcams. Personal protection against idiots.

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    i bought a pussycam, but i have nowhere to install it.. oh wait, hold on, omg, it actually fits.. i am now streaming hd outta my rectum.. holy batbazookas.

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    The ACLU is an anti-white hate group.

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    Yikes. ACLU was supposed to protect us from this sort of thing, not encourage it. Seems they gave that up a decade or two ago.

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    The ACLU is supposed to be protecting civil liberties of the little guys. Why are they so involved in supporting wacko left wing extremists now? Did they sell to a new owner who decided to abandon their purpose?

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    Duh. We want body cameras specifically to show the police doing something wrong, but if it shows a civillian doing something wrong we want it turned off.

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    The ACLU ain't what it used to be. I'm a leftist, but I'm a leftist who believes in freedom of speech and freedom to report or take pictures in public.

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    Do you think that you might be a liberal and not a leftist? Not a neoliberal either. Those guys aren't even slightly liberal anymore.

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    I'm a leftist. A Bernie-crat if you will. I'm either with Bernie or slightly to the left of him on pretty much every issue. And it's not like I followed Bernie to these positions. He just came along and spoke all the stuff I already believed and I fell in love politically as a result. I'm almost a free speech absolutist and a civil libertarian in most ways. I used to believe in 2nd amendment rights, but that has eroded with the uptick in mass shootings and the realization that the government will always have the people outgunned and most of the people stockpiling guns aren't using them to stand up to the government in meaningful ways anyhow. I'm also a big believer in a strong social safety network and massive government programs to solve issues like climate change. I very much believe in getting money out of politics which the "neoliberal"/"corporate" wing of the party seems to have no interest in doing. I engage in more debates than I really ought to given that life is short.

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    Yeah, that sounds like you are a leftist. Just decided to support one aspect of libertarianism. Which is the reason you are and I are here. Regardless of our political beliefs, we believe in freedom of speech. Potentially the most important human right there is. Many of your fellow leftist absolutely hate freedom of speech. They see it as an impediment to their success and dominance. I'm not aware of Bernie supporting it either. Am I ignorant on that one?

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    To the best of my knowledge Bernie Sanders supports freedom of speech pretty unequivocally. I think in campaigning within the party he had to adopt some of the woke speak to get by, but he was criticized heavily by woke types for not swallowing it all wholesale, for things like touting the Rogan semi-endorsement, etc. Bernie's an economic leftist, which is how I orient.

    I don't think the left has any kind of monopoly on not being in favor of free speech though. When I was growing up I was basically socially "canceled" for being vocally in support of gay rights. Right wing religious types to this day engage in censorship of books and public art, infringe on religious freedom both by forcing Christianity on people and by trying to get Muslims not to dress as their faith demands, attempt to silence doctors especially when it comes to abortion information, try to erase climate science from government organizations, and the free press is threatened by people across the political spectrum who have economic or political interests in silencing them.

    So I think that while the left may hold the most obvious cancel culture cards at the moment in terms of visible culture wars, there are insidious threats to freedom of speech waged by the right as well, that usually affect people like whistle-blowers, journalists, scientists and members of minority religious groups. I'm not okay with any of it.

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    I grew up with right wingers controlling speech a lot like the left controls it now. Neither side cares about free speech, but they only complain with the restrictions affect them personally. Right wingers sound libertarian now only because they are the most restricted at the moment. But, like you said, they want to control speech too. Not sure if I agree with all of your examples, but it's a fact that they do the same stuff to a lesser degree.

    Left wingers were the more libertarian group when I growing up. Which is why I just stick to libertarian ideology and don't try to align with the left/right stuff.

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    Did some research and it looks like Bernie has a clear history of supporting free speech. Even the attempts to shame his desire to break up media monopolies are such a half-assed claim that he wants to end free speech. If Bernie didn't want to destroy our country with immigrants, I would be a fan of his. I don't mind socialism, I just recognize that an infinite stream of leeches can never be supported by a socialist system without perpetual foreign wars for economic expansion. Ya know, everything we have been doing since the fed was established and social programs developed.

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    The cops shouldn't be able to switch the cams off when they want to do something shady. Cams force dirty cops to be somewhat cleaner.