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Why don't you just focus on your own personal life and make it as good as possible. The news is 24/7 bullshit. That means your opinion of what the world outside your life is comes from bullshit. Make as many kids as you can and raise them right, that is by far the best contribution you can make.

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Turn a blind eye only works in the short term eventually you will have to look

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It depends if the thing you're turning a blind eye to is an actual threat, or just something designed to catch your attention and warp your mind.

If it's the latter, ignoring it is the most powerful move you can possibly make.

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Six Belgian senators introduced a draft resolution in the Belgian Parliament that would make "Islamophobia" a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment.

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Good point

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Not if you build a strong enough castle

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Waco had a 'castle'..

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Yeah I’ve not read a lot of sun tzu but I know what I said was bullshit.

Didn’t feel like adding /s

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Will you let that one example from decades ago stop you from improving your life and starting a family now?

If so, that's some pretty powerful propaganda.

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The whole POINT being, a castle is useless against the might of the ZOG machine, Patriot.

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Or a deep enough grave

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Prioritize knowing about things that you can affect.

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It's not dying.

It's been infiltrated by traitors who want to destroy it.

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You have to admit, though, it's at least on the ropes.
The next 5-10 years are going to be the most crucial in USA's history since WW2 (even more so than Vietnam), but unlike the previous times, this time, the peasants have no clear flag to rally behind - instead, the very war is over tarnishing that flag in their very home (sometimes literally).

And the problem is, most people do not see any clear way to fight back, since the enemy is organized while the resistance clustered are scattered all around, localized.

Honestly, I'm thankful to not live in the USA. If I did, however, the only thing to do (if your job/relationship status allows for it) is to move to a state which hasn't fallen yet, find same minded people, and regroup (either in an existing organization or starting a new one). Sadly, it's way too much work for most people - the current times made them spoiled, they want somebody else to solve all their problems while letting them "participate" by posting statuses on facebook or retweeting his hashtag.

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ISLAM is the sword of judaism

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I hope this is satire.

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He loves hanukkah

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That's dying.

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You're watching too much news. Or spending too much time on social media Try a complete fast off of any kind of news and social media. Even just a full weekend and you will see.

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It's just Americans. Always so dramatic.

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    You and I are from a similar age-cohort, and I see the same problems you see.

    I don't understand how people don't recognize that what we now have is corporate tyranny. "Politics" is distracting people from the reality that the organizations with the greatest power - who buy the politicians they want - are the corporate behemoths. And they are accountable to nobody. Their shareholders? The people running those companies are each other's shareholders. If people were to focus on these organizations, more could be accomplished. But instead, Bernay's methods are turned against our population and we are sold any variety of "enemies" to focus on instead. And it works.

    The best we can do is talk to people. Stay calm and explain what we see. I've reached a few this way, and a few is better than none. Definitely a battle for hearts and minds at this point.

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    You and I are from a similar age-cohort, and I see what you do.

    Age cohort? unusual language usage.

    (See the middle of the last paragraph)

    Let's get that across and convey that we're basically just men from before 1980, there is nothing radical or special here that makes us fanatics/monsters.

    What's this all about?

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    That was an interesting link.

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    I'm not sure I understand your question? I'll grant what I wrote is a weird and awkward way of saying he and I are about the same age, but what are you implying with What's this all about? It's not about anything. I sometimes talk weird; just a quirk of my brain.

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    Oh, I don't try to change anyone's minds or hearts. I tried getting people to see these things we write about for years. No one wants to hear this kinda personal truth of our shard future. Look at Tom Bombadil in the comment below thoughts shared about the subject of the post. What is he the thought police for The thing I don't get is what does your word choice have anything to do with this post and the comments? I appreciate your reply to him and then.........crickets.....crickets from Mr. Bombadil.

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    U got it exactly right man I'm right there with you

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    I definitely understand that feeling man. All this evil and insanity in our government and country today pushed me to start looking elsewhere for happiness. As long as my expectations were for this world I was miserable. I started studying the Bible and what I found there is much better. It explains all the evil we see and gives hope of something much better in the future

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    I was raised Christian and the Bible didn't help answer shit, it causes more problems than its worth

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    What places have you been considering?

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    Your attitude explains exactly why America will fail, and shows that the far leftist's tactics are succeeding. Suck it up princess and fight back.

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    Fighting fire with fire doesn't help anything, in a way both sides are right, im stuck in the middle

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    Embrace a third position. The controlled opposition parties are not going to provide a solution that doesn't trample human nature. The parallels between our current situation and Weimar Germany can not be ignored.

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    dying? whos dying? lol ur an idiot

    i dont know anyone that died or has co-vid or know anyone that know anyone that died

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    Not even referring to the covid man

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    Yes. I have been considering moving to Idaho, as it seems like one of the last conservative places with lots of White people (sue me). Now I find out their Governor is acting like a power-drunk lunatic, and suspending laws indefinitely, with zero fucks given. I think the US is headed into a very dark tunnel.

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    Leave the US then. You can do it. I did it for a year. It was awesome, and good for my mind. It made me appreciate the things we do have, because we do have some good stuff going here. But the news and the obvious decline of the middle class are upsetting. I lived in a country where I wasn't able to understand the news because of the language barrier, and in a lot of ways it felt like being a child again. Media couldn't bring me down, because I literally couldn't understand it. It was kind of freeing in a certain way.

    Of course that means I was also oblivious to a lot of the corruption in that country, so I had the impression it was a very law-abiding and nice place, even if that wasn't really any more true than it was in America.

    Seriously just leave the country if you want, you can always come back later.

    Did you know you can buy permanent residency in Panama for about $8000? Did you know you can just go to Europe for 90 days without any prior arrangements? Just go, if you want to go. You can buy round-trip flights to Europe for about $500. Try out another life for a while if you feel trapped in this one.

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    Hm good ideas good ideas...

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    dk what else to say about it only that its incredibly fucking depressing, demoralizing, and just dark as fuck clownworld. Good luck to everyone out there...good luck.

    The next step is to stop giving a fuck, and start looking at what you need to do to thrive.

    Small communities, where other people matter. Try to avoid ones with a muslim presence, but anything else is cool.

    Learn to build. Working with your hands is hard but totally worthwhile. Building a house will transform your self-image.

    Look for a life partner to raise children with. Raise animals, grow food.

    good luck

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    Dont you need land to do those things...? Or is there a place to find communities like those somehow

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    liquidate everything, get into a RV and drive, until you find somewhere.

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    Learn to build. Working with your hands is hard but totally worthwhile. Building a house will transform your self-image.

    Look for a life partner to raise children with. Raise animals, grow food.


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    Balkanization is coming to North America.

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    Instead of being a bottom of the barrel bitch about where you live how about trying to better it and yourself? If you think you are the "bad guys" because the media programs you and those around you to think it then you are already poisoned.

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    Yes, imagine a war with soldiers fighting where one side broadcasts on speakers to the other side the message "You have already lost, you are bad guys, give up!" and then all the soldiers just actually gave up and the war was over, and their country was conquered.

    This is why information warfare is so powerful, you can disable entire nations with nothing more than news and tv broadcasts, without firing a single bullet. That's why information warfare is the style of warfare of the future. It started with the "cold war" but the tactics are only getting more and more refined.

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    Only thing becoming better did was clarify how badly we are fucked

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    Your right and we're as dedicated to Israel and "we" have ever been, this is done for you're right. I see dark gloomy days ahead, I see massive wars ahead, destruction and despair. People have deserved it and there is no stopping it, although that doesn't mean I have given up, I will continue attempting to wake people up to peace and love and understanding, and unity. It won't happen most likely.

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    Just move then.... Is it really that bad?

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    It's not dying. Don't be a black pilled faggot.

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    I feel you man. Anyone follow Derrick broze's work at he also promotes it just might be the key to the coming struggle.

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    Found the mossad agent

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    Just make it better?

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    When I was younger I actually wanted to participate. I wanted to have kids, to make society better, to contribute to the world etc.

    Please keep trying to do this, especially with having kids. I don't think the madness will last forever. People in the middle of the French Revolution or the beginning of Soviet Russia might have thought it was all over too, but they were wrong. I think that survival is totally possible, but we need people who are willing to perpetuate the species and keep civilization going rather than give up.

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    There has never been a better time to be alive. Stop watching 'the news''.

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    USA is done for
    I'd leave this planet

    USA is only 4% of the world population. Perhaps there'd be a place somewhere among the rest 96% where you'd be happier.

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    I feel quite fortunate, and am personally treasuring this moment in history. How often does a person get to witness the fall of an evil empire in their own lifetime?

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    The world has always been fucked. Imagine if people had a 24/7 news cycle in the 1920s? They would have the same opinion you do. I've found it best to just turn the fucking television off, get off the internet and go and do some work. Focus on me and what I can do to make the world around me better.

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    Turn off the news and social media. The world was way worse 50 years ago it just seems worse now because you are being spoon fed horror stories from around the globe.

    You’ll also find that the more you focus your energy on helping others the better the world will become. Find some time to volunteer, clean up your neighbourhood, help others who are worse off than you.

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    i dont think the world is getting worse, i think it's getting better for average people

    it's getting worse for all the pedo elites, they havent figured out how to control the internet, so more of them are getting exposed,

    life before the internet was terrible as far as i remember, had to talk to my roommate and he was a dumb fuck