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I think one of the main problems with LGBT education aimed at children is kids are now pressured to work out what their sexuality and gender is at 12 or younger and expect themselves to be in that box forever when most adults know full well such things don't settle until you are well pass puberty (and gender identity doesn't even exist at all) but just won't admit it.

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LGBT education is just children grooming, brainwashing, and indoctrination, and goes against freedom of religion. Parents cannot even take their children out of such lessons. The LGBT is basically a state sponsored sex cult that is grooming children in schools. If children are to learn about LGBT in school, they should learn about how dangerous homosexual behavior is, the diseases it causes, about men grooming and raping boys, and how they groom and recruit and brainwash children into their sex cult.

Anti gay propaganda laws like those in Russia and laws like section 28 need to be reinstated to protect children from these perverted freaks who only want a new supply of anuses to sodomize.

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just think if there was a correlation between homosexuality and a higher rate of child predation. oh wait there is