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I belong to that large section of society who feels like a political misfit. I'm interested in ideas from all over the spectrum and I read and listen to voices from all over it too. I would probably consider myself as a left-libertarian/libertarian socialist, but like any thinking person, a single title can't encapsulate all my views. I don't view people as "good guys" and "bad guys". There are a few ideas that I feel pretty strongly about, but most of the time I just like to listen and try to understand. One idea I do stick to is that people should try to listen and understand, and that they shouldn't pigeonhole people based on a few sentences they've written. At the moment I feel like I can't breathe, as the people who currently have most sway on the internet are people who both seem to have a taste for oppressive totalitarianism, and who act towards those who have different views in exactly the same way that someone within a totalitarian state would act towards dissidents. They call themselves "left" but mostly are the enforcers for a neoliberal elite who seem to me want to turn the world into a sort of corporate totalitarian nightmare (much like China has become since abandoning communism) where all the corporations and the government act as one giant conglomerate that keeps the people powerless, conditioned, and restricted, while they make insane levels of profit and don't pay any taxes.

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I'm interested in ideas from all over the spectrum and I read and listen to voices from all over it too. I would probably consider myself as a left-libertarian/libertarian socialist, but like any thinking person, a single title can't encapsulate all my views. I don't view people as "good guys" and "bad guys". There are a few ideas that I feel pretty strongly about, but most of the time I just like to listen and try to understand. One idea I do stick to is that people should try to listen and understand, and that they shouldn't pigeonhole people based on a few sentences they've written.

I relate to this some, and I appreciate the reminder that trying to listen and understand can be a really good way of relating to other people.

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Excellent post, the only thing I would do away with is the self-identification with the meaningless political labels we're given surrounding that whole false dichotomy. It's clearly little more than a means to sew division and control discourse a la 'hegelian dialectic'.

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Holy fuck you just encapsulated my worldview.

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China abandoning communism ?

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Exactly Chinese and Russian Communist never gave up their power. They just transition things a bit before they return. Jews would never let go of their grip on a nation especially in this globalist enviornment

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China is still ran by the same communists much like Russia

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If you really want this site to take off please try going to new and liking or commenting on new non politically related content. Posting your own content would help even more. We need to have more light and fun mainstream appeal if we expect to take off. That takes having a cookie in hand to give people along with our parimid of discussion.

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we don't need to 'take off'.

But posting OC is a good idea.

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If our goal is to promote a free exchange of ideas within society and end the growth of echo chambers we do.

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This place will become a target for cancel cultists the second it needs money for servers.

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This is true, but they likley have a plan for dealing with that. At least I hope so.

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what is it with the fame whores? have you learnt nothing from a couple of decades of this shit? stay small, grow organically, don't turn into a shithole. Force growth, lose yourself in the herd mind of the masses who don't give a flying fuck

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Because my aim is to change public discourse and to do so we need to end the balkanization of the internet. There are reasons there are more people drifting to the extreme left and right. One primary reason is that all internet discussion has turned more and more into an echo chamber. We can't solve anything if we don't even have slightly shared realities. If massive groups of people can congregate again and have productive diolog perhaps we can mitigate some of the recent events we have seen as of late. I'm not saying it will solve overything, but we have to start somewhere.

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I hope you agree with 'bobbobbybob' that growth here should be organic and not forced.

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Not forced, but strongly encouraged via telling friends and spreading word. We have to have some level of size to allow a base level of defense from larger and more hostile parties. If not all it takes is one bad New York times article and this place's payment processing ability and web hosting is cut off completely. I wish that were not the reality, but other sites can easily play dirty.

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Your aim is to take over other spaces and twist them to suit your desires, instead of creating your own?

Of course.

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How am I trying to take over a space? All I'm trying to do is increase diialog in the public at large. I'm not trying to shove some ideology down people's throats, other then increasing diolog. I have no ulterior motive to turn this site either further left or right, just to facilitate discussion between the left and right, as to aid social stability.

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We don't need growth for those two ideals, of which are of great value. Once any community reaches a critical value, its quality tends to nosedive rather quickly. Growth is needed, up to a point, in which case it becomes greatly detrimental. - It is like the Chess community; they wanted growth so bad that they were willing to adopt toxic twitch idiots, of which greatly reduced the quality of content on the chess sub. - Why is blind growth desirable? So you can brag and say, "We have THIS MANY MEMBERS, WE MUST BE GOOD!" But after the critical value, size is directly correlated with inferior content (it is easier produce, and due to the sheer numbers, it will be produced at a greater rate than superior content). - When a community is in the 'golden zone,' it tends to produce more superior content than inferior content, precisely due to the fact that only those that have a higher interest and investment are within the community.

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I don't want it to spike like reddit did poste digg. I do however want others to tell like minded people of this place, as to increase our pool of people engage in discussion and hopefully have some of our ideas on here leak into public discourse. The very fact that neither of us has attacked each other yet at a personal level and instead attacked the argument is a testament to what this place has to offer. Imagine if that site cultural attribute could permeate other large websites like Facebook and Twitter via people seeing the benifits of its practice here? It's value to our society would be immense. Now I understand your concern that quality would nosedive if we had a huge and quick spike in our community and I agree with that statement for the most part. So maybe I should restate my goal as not sudden and fast growth. Rather, consistent moderate levels of growth, that make us large enough to defend from larger sites, trying tactics to shut down our payment processing or web hosting.

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The idea that sites, or communities, should 'grow' is rather ridiculous. Growth is good, to a point, because more people generally means more content. We want this content to be of high quality and interesting, and this cannot happen when the population of a given community is too low. However, once a certain critical value has been reached, there are simply too many people, and the quality tends to nosedive rather quickly.

To this end, active advertisement of this site seems to be a rather foolish move; I came here due to natural occurrences, not a direct advertisement. Naturally, people will find themselves here due to various reasons, but mass ad campaigns to simply mop up as many people as possible will directly lead to a massive drop off in quality, on this site, once the critical value has been reached.

The goal should first and foremost, and forever move, should be, as 'Themagicalmidget' has said, the promotion of the free exchange of ideas within society and the end to the growth of echo chambers within said communities. Also, some communities or subs are explicit echo chambers, of which is acceptable, because to not allow an explicit echo chamber would be to stifle the free exchange of ideas. We should be diligent in promoting a culture greatly emphasizing the free exchange of ideas first and foremost; from that, everything else follows.

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Yes, goy. Promote vapid, degenerate hedonism and jewish brainwashing. Otherwise you won’t matter at all. Because jews say so.

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Imagine believing that. Cry harder about me proving you wrong, whoever you are and whatever you were wrong about.

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Yeah, I'm completely off, or half off all the big websites. Trying to support the small guys now who actually care about something.

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Ironically, that's half the red pill OP is dishing out.

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It's just ridiculous. They can ban as much as they want and shout transphobia about everything until people get sick of them. Still won't make people think the UwU man in the dress is actually a woman. Still won't make anybody who's not trans want to fuck them.

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My sister says I'm a transphobe for not wanting to date a trans-woman (male-to-female). I'm like, a dude chopping off his dick doesn't make him a woman, and me not wanting to date a dude doesn't make me a transphobe; they can chop off as many dicks as they like, as long as it's not mine.

Then my sister says, "But but but but.... that is a WOMAN you TRANSPHOBE!!!!! You would date a woman, so it makes no sense you wouldn't date trans-woman."

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She literally wants you to become a fag while she fucks the best male specimen she can find only. Death to women they are all useful idiots.

Women fall hardest for Orwellian double think propaganda

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I agree I had to delete everything on Facebook a while back, YouTube will not support people who don’t go along with them, I’m surprised they don’t ban them, Twitter censors and bans people, this is crazy.

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The scary thing about youtube to me is it is only recommending Old stream media. I can watch something like timpool and it will always playlist to old media. Yesterday it even started down ranking tim cast when I search for tim pool..... putting a heap of old media before him. To me the old guard is desperate to regain power in society.

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This is what I really don't get. The whole point of youtube was it was for ordinary people to broadcast content, the 'you' in youtube. Why now is it filled with CNN, Fox, and clips from shitty cable shows? Why do they recommend them over content for ordinary people? I can already watch that shit on TV and on their multi-million dollar news website. Google was the worst thing to happen to them.

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Partly the people with power in Youtube are politically motivated. And partly because money. The people who pay them money are also politically motivated.

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I don't buy the advertiser excuse. Every time they want to do something unscrupulous they first create an excuse for it and it is just so convenient to blame advertiser pressure. People just eat up that excuse without question, and blame corporate greed rather than the decision makers at the offending company.

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Before the Adpocalypse, youtube creators were making way more money... because ads were seen by way more people. YouTube is starving content creators of which they don't want on the platform under the guise of "that isn't advertiser friendly content." Err, what? Advertisers want as many eyes to see something as possible; they don't give a flying fuck, unless it is some seriously fucked up shit. No one associates gamer word with a company just because their ad was on a video.

YouTube literally destroyed their ad revenue under the guise of "only allowing advertiser friendly content have ads" of which is supposed to INCREASE ad revenue by being 'advertiser friendly.' But if the result is a massive decrease in ad money, you know their reason was full of shit. They willingly reduced their ad revenue by large margins, under the guise of increasing ad revenue, because their actual goal is to push an agenda, and various youtubers that went against this agenda were starved via the 'adpocalypse.' That's what its primary goal was; to starve a certain demographic of youtubers.

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Youtube is pretty much funded by the government now

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YouTube literally created the Adpocalypse, of which greatly reduced their ad revenue. Youtube is run at a loss by Google. This can only mean that Google is using YouTube to push an adenga. - Ironically, youtube claimed the 'adpocalypse' was to only allow advertiser friendly content, thereby increasing ad revenue somehow? Err, what? It is like shooting off your kneecap to save your leg from an infected foot. Just doesn't make sense.

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Progress is good, but it's gone on too long now.

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Check out this extension that de-mainstreams youtube:

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Ah, thank you. I spend a lot of time on youtube marking those channels as 'not interested' and 'don't show me again'.

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I have an extension that removes all old media from youtube search results and on the various pages, such as recommended. It is called Demainstream YouTube

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The old guard is funded by the government.

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Why even use Facebook? It is a shit site and utterly useless. In fact, all social media of which you link your actual identity to is utterly fucking pointless and only exists to stroke your ego. I don't give a flying fuck about what some random idiot did over the weekend.

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Just found this site on reddit, was thinking of leaving that Chinese owned censoring machine and luckily found this :)

So, what other sites do you recommend that still believe in freedom of speech? I also wanna leave Twitter and FB

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Reddit has a huge list of free speech alternatives over at r/Redditalternatives. Some are more toxic than others, and a lot of them are not very big.

Here's where you can find the main list:

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there's /s/SaidItAlternatives too!

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Oh, cool. I didn't know about that.

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thanks a lot!!

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check out /s/DecentralizeAllThings too, esp. their wiki. for twitter I'd suggest the fediverse. minds was intended to be an FB replacement I believe.

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Just leave Twitter and FB. They are utterly useless and provide no value to anyone, other than subtle jack-offs of your own ego. I've never had a social media that ties your real identity to it, and I never will. My life isn't missing anything. I hang out with people and interact in person. I play various video game with people. There is literally no value gained from FB or Twitter; just stop using them, don't replace them. Whatever you replace them with will inherently be shit, because of the very nature of 'realID social media.'

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Your identity nowadays is being tracked even when you dont use social media on the internet

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My town has a facebook group. Every time I see an interesting topic pop up, I scroll down and "An administrator has turned off commenting."

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Make another group, repost the same stuff, allow comments.

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Even better if you create a group outside Facebook because you will get censored as soon as you start saying anything too real.

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Eventually you want that, but it's hard to get people to make the jump. the halfway house of a facebook page you control should allow you to advertise the other thing.

Testing facebook - I can make a public group, post and disable comments for the post. The share option is still present, and i can share to another group, and people can comment on that. Does the content you want to enable commenting for have a "Share" option?

I was unable to find any preexisting content with comments disabled, had to make some test content. Anyone know of any Facebook content with comments disabled?

Now looking at how to automate resharing content...

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Why even use Facebook? It is utterly useless, as is any and all social media of which ties in your real identity.

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That facebook group is the only reason I still am using it. Its the only way for me to get extremely local news, thanks to my town being mostly soccer moms.

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Hi, new here. What are the light bulbs and happy faces about?

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There is no downvote button on Saidit. So if you think a post/comment is insightful, you click on the lightbulb. If you think a post/comment is fun or funny you click on the happy face. The happy face was supposed to be for humorous posts/comments, but I think some people use it to laugh at commentors personally. So far it's not been used that often in that way, as far as I can tell.

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I remembered in the 2000s, you could say whatever you wanted on Facebook and nothing would happen. Then it all went to Zuckerberg's head. He's destroying his site. Look on any given site and there is honestly no need to moderate 95% of comments. It's ridiculous. Comments are censored because the site is run by scammers or they have an agenda no one likes. Pure and simple. For a great example of this, look at Engadget and The Verge. Whenever they have a story that is political, comments are turned off because they know their writers will get owned. It's sad.

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The internet in the 2000s just didn't censor at all, for the most part. Forums were moderated, of course, mainly to stay on topic. And people that were 'over the top' naturally went to 4chan and /b/. But any and all of whom used Facebook in the 2000s, as well as Myspace before that, were, and still are, a bunch of noobs.

That shit provides absolutely no value. Real social media, as in... social media that explicitly links to your real identity, are utterly worthless.

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It's unbearable and make me feel sad but i knew it was only a matter of time.

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How is r/conspiracy still up? I guess the Maoists want it for gaslighting purposes.

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Hey everybody, it's time for the Two-Minutes Hate.

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Commies are coming out in full force. :P

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Just found this site on reddit, was thinking of leaving that Chinese owned censoring machine and luckily found this :)

So, what other sites do you recommend that still believe in freedom of speech? I also wanna leave Twitter and FB

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Ruggus supposedly is also good. I've never been to it though.

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so far 2020 had the biggest ban wave

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The far left extremists have taken over the left and think that censoring anything opposing the extremist ideology will help them win an election.

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this year? no, ignorant person, you only think that because it finally touched you

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As a child my grand parents told us kids what it was like in nazi Germany, the US is drifting that direction.