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It's nice to see a little positivity in the face of what's happening. I think this is definitely worth meditating on. I think a lot of left-leaning irreligious people like myself thought that decline of religion in Western culture would be a purely positive thing. Who would have anticipated that the void would be immediately filled by a new fundamentalist belief system masquerading as science. I like your nomad analogy. That's definitely how I feel politically these days as a "liberal" who refuses to tolerate the new political strategy of provoking hatred for white people, men, etc. to tap into new voting demographics.

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I feel that we are doomed to just do the same things we have always done. The face if it will always change, but the concepts never will. Classism, social divide, and unrelenting competition for dominance over others with arbitrary reasons fueling the fire.

We live in an unprecedented time of surplus and technology, yet we can’t guarantee food for all or other easily accessible resources.

Our species is fucked. The only positive outcome for us all is if we go extinct.