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there's been so many lies and misinformation about coronavirus that I don't know what to think anymore.

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That's the purpose of the lies and misinformation. Consider it practice for dealing with this kind of thing.

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A close friend of my family is a freelance reporter. He's old school from the 80s and he has always been freelance. About 2 months ago he said that his instincts told him that this pandemic is most likely bullshit and that we're in a cold war with China. However, he heard and laughed off a conspiracy theory that this pandemic was the work of Hilary Clinton trying to get even with Trump and the Democrat party.

He came for dinner last week and he's now saying that because of all his investigations this is looking more like Hilary Clinton is behind it. The Clinton Foundation and the Gates Foundation cooperate on many endeavors, Fauci worked for Bill Clinton during his presidency, etc.

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Did he say what changed his mind?

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He said something to the effect that he's just getting more information that seems to point in that direction.

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That's quite a claim. Any evidence?

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Me personally? No, all I've got is hearsay.

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I think the truth of the matter is too obsfuscated right now when it comes to COVID-19 to draw any conclusions. The reality might any of the following (among others I'm sure):

  • The virus is no more dangerous than the flu and either: (1) the news made an honest mistake or (2) something nefarious is going on someone is profiting big time or seeking to gain political power.
  • The virus is more dangerous than the flu and we haven't seen the worst of it yet. This is possible still if the Spanish flu has any lessons to teach us.
  • The powers that be knew the virus posed a special risk because it was the result of experimentation gone wrong and either: (1) they were right or (2) they were wrong.

As always, it's better to withold judgement until proper evidence is available (even if that means never forming a strong opinion). I appreciate the thought provoking question though.

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Seems like a pretty clear spike to me:

Why wouldn't this have been caused by the masses of people mixing in protests and riots like there wasn't a pandemic going on?

# of deaths has about a 1 month latency behind infections.

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I agree that the recent push to re-open coupled with the protests has led to an apparent spike in the number of active cases in most areas. That said, I'm not sure that metric is all that informative. What matters more to me is the mortality rate. I just don't think we have reliable enough data yet to come up with a number comparable to other illnesses such as the flu (i.e. apples to apples isn't possible yet).

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I'm not sure there hasn't been a spike in cases. I haven't been following it as well as I'd like to.

I also find it difficult to take the orders from the gov't seriously about the virus after this.

However, I'm not convinced it isn't real. I don't think being reckless is ever advisable. Use your best judgement, you will be the only one who truly has to live with the consequences of your decisions.

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Because virus!!!

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I proudly walk around without a mask with my Trump hat on. All I see are cattle.

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True enough