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The 1% control the government, Wall Street, the media, and Hollywood.

The 1% supports global warming, abortion, feminism, homosexuality, immorality, war, debt, welfare, tyranny, depopulation, vaccines, gun control, censorship, regulations, offshoring, divorce, forfeiture, torture, the police state, nanny state laws, a global government, and illegal aliens.

The 1% want Americans to be immoral, weak, dependent, and divided. Anyone who supports these issues is labeled normal, but anyone who supports morals, peace, a balanced budget, personal responsibility, freedom, and reduced immigration is called a spammer, troll, shill, bot, racist, junkie, retard, or nutjob and is censored, banned, gets an IRS audit, is arrested, or killed. The media distracts and minimizes the bad sides of policies the 1% promote and exaggerate the benefits. The 1% slander those who question them with insinuation and lies.

Everything the 1% wants is bad for you.

Has anyone noticed that the Jewish media praises Jewish films, books, and TV shows?

Jews are used to play white people in films and white people take the roles of Jews.

Films show white characters to either be weak or evil and females or blacks to be heroes.

Homosexuality is praised.

Teen and pre-teen sex is portrayed as normal.

History is rewritten.

Morality is ridiculed.

Race-mixing is shown to be acceptable.

Immorality is shown to be normal.

The 1% love socialism because they want the 99% weakened and dead.

The police state doesn’t protect you. Tyranny helps the 1% meet their private prison quotas.

The 1% want you to lose your free speech rights and gun rights so you can’t resist.

The 1% want you to lose your 4th amendment rights so they can wiretap and frisk you and take your property through asset forfeiture.

The 1% want you lose your right to a trial so they can torture and kill you.

The USSR failed.

Almost nothing major happens in the US without the approval of the 1%.

Debt benefits the 1%.

Nanny state laws help our overlords meet their private private quotas.

There are wars because the 1% owns the defense companies and they want more refugees to reduce wages.

There are food stamps because the 1% owns the food corporations and makes money from the bank fees.

The 1% supports Obamacare and mandatory liability insurance laws because they make money from insurance premiums.

The 1% support illegal immigration because they want to divide the population.

The 1% supports homosexuality because immorality weakens the US.

When was the last time you saw a film about the Bill of Rights, freedom, or family values?

Why are immorality, blacks, and illegal aliens praised, but morality and white men are ridiculed?

What if the reason the 99% are not in concentration camps now is because the US Ponzi economy has not collapsed yet and Americans still have guns?

The 1% don’t care if the US collapses because they live in gated compounds with security guards on private islands, go to private schools, and have private jets to fly them to private airports.

The ruling powers use the media to distract Americans with bread and circuses and to push irrelevant stories 24/7 to divert attention from serious issues.

If the 1% wants to keep American men from going abroad to find a wife, the press will run stories about a guy who married a Russia mailorder bride and had a disastrous divorce.

The media distracts and minimizes the bad sides of policies the 1% promote and exaggerate the benefits. The 1% slander those who question them with insinuation and lies.

The ruling class revises history and lies to bolster their viewpoints.

The elites portray the immoral, girls, blacks, and illegal aliens as innocent victims.

The elites vilify and ridicule moral and successful white men.

The elites find former moral people, racists, Conservatives, and Libertarians to insult morality, racism, and freedom.

If the elites want people to accept illegal aliens, they will publish to stories about studies that say everyone has Asian DNA. If the elites want people to be immoral, they will run stories about studies that say masturbation is healthy.

The elites want to weaken the population with affirmative action, lower standards for minorities, divorce laws, welfare, overcriminalization, taxes, regulations, and by outlawing businesses.

The 1% have corrupted the Catholic church, ACLU, NFL, Boy Scouts, Nobel Peace Prize, and beauty pageants.

The 1% praise immorality and homosexuals and ridicule morals.

The 1% want Americans to be weak and dependent on welfare.

The 1% want liberals divided against conservatives.

The 1% want queers divided against straight people.

The 1% want citizens divided against the police.

The 1% want men divided against girls.

The 1% want Americans divided against illegal aliens.

The 1% want blacks divided against whites.

The 1% support wars that enrich bankers and defense companies. The 1% support wars that kills off the 99% and leads to refugees and terrorism that results in more wars.

The 1% support the nanny police state that helps the rich fill their private prison quotas.

The 1% want Americans in prison and dead.

The 1% want Americans disarmed so that they won't resist when the American Ponzi economy collapses and the ruling class opens up the gulags.

The 1% support censorship because they don't want Americans to be aware of and organize against the elites.

The 1% push feminism because they want the 99% to die off. No fault divorce laws, domestic violence laws, child support laws, and alimony laws discourage men from getting married. Girls would rather marry the state than marry a man. Why would men get married when marriage is so risky and men could lose half of their property in a divorce?