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Bernie should run as an independent, and split the democratic party.

The Democratic establishment needs to be dismantled.

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Bernie should run as an independent, and split the democratic party.

He should have. Instead he backed down a second time because he lacked faith in his own supporters. With bernie gone Trump can't lose. I've heard 1 out of every 10 bernie voters switched to Trump rather consider hillary. Depending on the website you visit that number can get to as high as 3 out of every 10.

I don't know who I'm mad at more. The dems for going full retard by choosing biden? Or bernie for lacking the balls to fight for something he believes in. Either way I guess I'm voting for Trump. I pray to god that the next person to run next election chooses Trump as their VP just to fuck with the democrats.

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I think Israel rigged it for Trump, to beat Hillary.

Hillary also rigged it, but not as well as Israel did, so they blamed Russia.
Israel should not be underestimated. They play to win.

Although, Israel may not have rigged it against Sanders, but then again, they might have.

If Sanders had ran then they'd have ruined his legacy in the same way they teamed up on Ralph Nader (2000). That was a very real possibility, and he didn't want that.

They savaged Nader, but that's nothing compared to what would have happened if Sanders was blamed for Trump.

Also, there's the Clinton assassination(s) thingy....

So, I don't completely blame him.

In my opinion, the actual elections have been rigged for years.
It's no accident given "The Simpsons" uncanny "Predictions", etc.
These things are planned well in advance of the 4-year elections.

I'm probably late to the game, and now realize the election charade.

However, splitting the Democratic party could be done independently of the selection circus.

I think it's time the party is dismantled.

Maybe Sanders could be convinced to run, if whomever is opposing Trump is certain to lose.

The public might not be fooled into "spoiler" election outrage. This would be an important first step.

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I think it's time the party is dismantled.

With 2 more republican terms they could dismantle themselves. The extreme left and the middle left hate each other. With every republican term that divide grows.

The republicans seem more united than ever. Trump only made them stronger (somehow... I'm not sure I believe the numbers, but a 12% increase in republican voters can't be ignored)

I'm not sure what's going to happen after Trump wins. Second terms are where presidents go all out with their extreme ideas because they don't care about being re-elected. Stuff could get crazy as the dems fly into a panic after their propaganda slowly splits their own party apart.

A lot of Bernie supporters have said they would vote for Trump over Biden (myself included). That's a lot of extra votes going to Trump.

This race is going to be close, as it always is, but it feels like Trump is going to win.

Overall, the democratic party splitting would be the best thing for them. Half of them consider their political identity to be nothing more than "Not Republican, so I guess I'm a democrat" which isn't the strongest ground to set a political belief on.

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I mostly agree, especially the last paragraph.

I thought Trump would be reelected since shortly after the Russia gate hoax started.

The media is pretending to hate him, but secretly rooting for him.

Israel isn't going to allow him to lose. He's their favorite president, ever.

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theres really only 2 parties in america those other ones are for show

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That depends upon the goal.

The others have been very successful at reform the other parties.

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well the way things are going rn for the republican party, they most likley will be disbarred and exiled, we can only hope, they've sold us out to our enemies too many times

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BERNIE 2024!!!


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Haha could you fucking imagine!

Bernie would lose almost all the support of his base if he went Republican. He would for sure have some little right wing support from citizens, but I couldn't even imagine what his platform would look like?

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Only way Trump gets the progressive left is if he promises to make weed legal on Day 1 of his second term. This news signals a third party is vialable.

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if trump gets re-elected he's not gonna make it to the end of that term

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trumps too old and senile

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I meant his diet is gonna get him

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Cue Biden announcing he's chosen Monica Clinton for his jogging mate in the 1920 presidentional go-you-know-the-thing.

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hes not campaigning, hes still on the ballot tho BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE!!!!!!