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Either way the bill is basically a corporate bailout. And DEMS nor the GOP pass the 9/11 litmus test. They are all, including Trump, traitors to the US constitution.

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Timcast, LOL

The stupidity of trump supporters never ceases to amaze me.

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Demoncrats actually

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28 upvotes for "insightful"? With 2/3 dissenting comments.

This is shamelessly sock puppeted.

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Someone thinks we’re stupid, gullible fucking idiots.

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Most conservatives are far from stupid.

The influence of a number of known shills (and many more unknown shills) is the issue that i'm pointing out.

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My beef is purely with the titles this stooge faggot uses and his ridiculously OTT presentations. Shit like this does in fact make conservatives look like retards, absolutely fuck this cunt and fuck every other e-celeb, especially this controlled opposition scumbag. That does not mean I don't agree with them, but how do you expect people to TAKE you SERIOUSLY when you WRITE LIKE THIS? am I getting MY POINT across BETTER now? no I'm not, I look like a fucking idiot who assumes you're retarded with 0 attention span.

Not a shill, but that's exactly what a shill would say... however notice how none of these controlled oppostion shitbags ever bring up Israel. What a huge coincidence. It's not SJWs getting you involved in wars you don't want to be part of, poisoning your international image, subverting your government, causing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian deaths, poisoning every single cultural outlet. That does not mean however that SJWs are not a problem, they are a big one. But they're simply a symptom of the disease.

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I agree with everything you stated except for this:

I look like a fucking idiot


but that's exactly what a shill would say...

Because of this:

notice how none of these controlled oppostion shitbags ever bring up Israel.

A major goal of the shills is to prevent this very conclusion.

They want to make certain that everyone is complaining about the Republican/Democrat duopoly, and suppress every criticism of Isreal.

Great comment bro!

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You mean pork that they are arguing over the details for. Let it all fail. I was a waiter. I was more impacted. I found another job with applying to one other place. My coworkers successfully applied for unemployment.

Where does the money come from? The fed. Where do they get the purchasing power to offer to business / usually banks? Us. In theory that purchasing power will trickle down to us, but will require work on our part to get it. This is called theft + slavery.

When we printed a lot of money in the 1970s worker productivity went down permanently. We've had to have two worker households ever sense. What will be next? Children? And it didn't fix the problem in the 1970s. We had stagflation. We will have stagflation here because businesses can't operate. This will be 1970s squared and we will be slaves for life, and have no real aid to our current situation.

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1,400 pages? Holy shit.

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So now that they passed this thing are you going to say they saved America? This bill is a joke, as someone already stated it's a corp bail out disguised as something to help the common American person in the time of this manufactured crisis. It's the same thing that happened in 2009 2010 only difference is they have the excuse of this pandemic this time and the narrative that they ar "saving America".

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At least Trump businesses don't get any money.