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Sad. Monopoly mafias (corporate hand-in-hand with state) bury you to stay in power and get away with it. Look at the justice served to Assange, Snowden and Manning, countless other journalists, Epstein, JFK, and feel free to mention others.

When the direct fight is unwinnable, you have to opt-out: defect from the economy, pay the least taxes (zero if possible), refuse to work for the monster, and refuse to buy from it. Only this way can we weaken and starve it.

Still, I'd expect some more covert work and better OPSEC from Aaron.

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Aaron wasn't a trained intelligence officer with years of experience in data B&E. I don't know what you expected from an internet activist. He made a play against a monolith, which is something honorable but stupid considering the cards in his hand. To be honest if there were no cameras in that server room he probably would've gotten away with it. Fuck MIT for even pressing this, then to release it for free anyway. It's so obvious that the point was to send a message. Only way things change is from the inside out by those brave enough willing to compile their evidence and hopefully get out least unscathed as possible. Even then like you said (Snowden et al) those people become martyrs. Either dead or excommunicated from the societies they grew up in. Hefty price to pay, only to have majority of people A) not believe you B) not even really hear your evidence/take it seriously C) make conspiracy theories about you to detract from your credibility.

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only to have majority of people A) not believe you B) not even really hear your evidence/take it seriously C) make conspiracy theories about you to detract from your credibility.

Exactly. It's like how they said you can't pull people out of the matrix because they're so sucked in. It's all a waste of time and effort. Aaron was a capable guy but it feels like he didn't realize that everyone else didn't care like he did. imagine if he used his wits to make himself a wealthy and powerful person. How much easier it would be to try changing things from that position if that's still what he wanted to. As smart as he was he was pretty bad at understanding people.

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You can only plant seeds in people's minds. More and more people are waking up though.

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Snowden is a limited hangout agent.

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I don't have any definitive proof he isn't. Why do you think he is? I've read this a couple places and tbh limited hangouts only work if we allow them to work. The fact that they even have to run limited hangouts means intel agencies failed in their conduct. Rather than admit defeat they run them and hopefully the public accepts that information. 80% fluff 20% truth. Truths still come out that are damning but it's up to us/ good journalists to press deeper but we don't. Just saying "hE Is a LiMiTeD hAnGOuT AgEnT" furthers lack of trust in the info entirely, leaving individuals with apathy and unwillingness to dig deeper/trust anything that ever comes out... cause after all people like yourself can just convince me that they are limited hangout agents. Do you see how this is bad? Even if it is, separate the person from the details and lets talk that.

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Part 1

fuck before Snowdon

James Bamford, intelligence, limited hangout, book peddler asset "exposed" the NSA's future $2 billion data center which would be used to store:

"...all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital ‘pocket litter.’”

According to one unnamed former NSA official. [Fuck you, he's anonymous bitch, this isn't a desensitization campaign /s.]

“Everybody’s a target; everybody with communication is a target.”

...i.e. before the Edward Snowden "revelations."

They always used these stories to desensitize the public to accept 1984 style surveillance, which, unfortunately the people willingly accepted by purchasing their devices and using their communication channels.

fuck James Bamford

Intelligence spook, NSA backed limited hangout pusher, 9/11 liar.

fuck Snowden

  • DoD backed, limited "desensitization " hangout agent.

Does the Pulitzer Prize go to persons who are genuinely exposing the fascist incorporated political-economic system? No. Is Snowden's behavior suspicious? Let us find out.

In simple terms, this is how counterintelligence limited hangouts work. They, intelligence agencies, use myriad alternative media assets to spin narratives to control dissenters. That's the psychological operation.

One such suspected counterintelligence narrative to research is the exposure of the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO):

FBI never solved the burglary resulting in the exposure of its secret counterintelligence program COINTELPRO..."

Could it be that that exposure was a counterintelligence operation? That's for you to research.

The "holographic" Snowden "shills official 9/11 lie" interview—

Linked above is a limited hangout PsyOp interview reinforcing the government's official 9/11 memes...

Preserving the 'real hijackers' myth are we now Snowden? These were merely bait trails in the form of informants on missions used as patsies, read Graeme MacQueen or Elias Davidsson for more details. Snowden, nevertheless, thinks otherwise. This interview alone illustrates where Snowden's loyalties lie. That of a controlled opposition engaging in a limited hangout operation.

Therefore, if anyone is wondering what the purpose would be to have the fake hero Snowden placed on the world stage, and interviewed by corporate media, here it is. It is his purpose to foster belief that 9/11 and all these other terrorists acts and their official narratives are "real," authentic or are simply backlash in order to instill more fear of a mythological enemy. Furthermore, Snowden claims the all too common "intelligence failure" canard; generally uttered from the mouths of limited hangout assets, this tactic will successfully divert attention away from the fact that there was, during 9/11, and still is today, a criminal conspiracy to destroy a country with media complicity.

Ask yourself this: If Snowden was really blowing the whistle would he be given such a main stream platform by the major media corporations, knowing where their loyalties lie; in Operation Mockingbird land? No, he would not.

Real whistleblowers/dissidents/renegades are victims of two bullets to the head or murder-suicides or car accidents with no eyewitnesses.

"CNN dedicating one-third of every broadcast hour of airtime to the birth, life and miracles of Edward Snowden..." should raise some red flags.

So, when you observe Snowden glance down (to check his script) and say:

"exploit the national trauma"

—he swallows hard before he says:

"to justify programs..."

Understand Snowden could be one intelligence asset playing a role in a sea of other intelligence assets playing their roles.

We have learned that Snowden takes the threat of terrorism seriously, just not western state sponsored false flag terrorism; regurgitates the official story of the World Trade Center demolitions, cites the "set up to fail" 9/11 Commission, thusly perpetuating the cover-up, whilst blaming intelligence failures; that is the PSYOP.

He, with the oligarchy and their media pundits continue diverting attention away from the catalyzing and catastrophic "New Pearl Harbor" also known as 9/11.

And "when the US wants to accuse Russia North Korea or China of X Y or Z, even if these accusations might have a slither of truth; they roll out their limited hangout Snowden..."

"Snowden wants you to know the NSA was interested in key Chinese customers—Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan Kenya, Cuba..."

Ask yourself why someone who is trained in counterintelligence would want you to know this? For whatever it is worth, the oligarchy uses the limited hangout Snowden leaks to expand the government police-state surveillance matrix under the guise of cybersecurity..."

That is why this alleged insider might pretend to be a fugitive rebelling against the excesses of some oppressive dangerous government. It is a very well planned counterintelligence strategy.

...two weeks after the first leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden were published—Obama defended the NSA surveillance programs..."

(One purpose of a limited hangout operation is to defend the government programs detailed in the documents leaked by the intelligence asset, i.e. using faux whistleblowers to engage in limited hangout operations in order to foster support and defense for an amalgamation and/or centralization and/or universal subservience to said intelligence agencies.)

****Look this up

Snowden was, or still covertly is, a:

  • CIA system admin

  • DIA counterintelligence trainer

  • Dell contractor for NSA

  • Booz Allen Hamilton analyst for NSA

(Booz Allen Hamilton paid Snowden a salary of $122K)

"...reason why Snowden hasn't leaked any docs. concerning Booz Allen Hamilton re: Booz is akin to why AQ/ISIS do not attack Israel—you don't bite the hand that feeds you..."

Snowden must have forgotten to copy the documents related to Zakheim and Booz Allen.

Certainly, 9/11 Truthers cannot annoy you as much as they annoy Assange, right Snowden?

He also in one interview which the censored John Bravo has mentioned is that Snowden has a Tor sticker (red flag) on his laptop. Tor is a honeypot created by the DoD. Why would someone so adamant about protecting themselves from intelligence agencies promote a DoD backed browser?

According to a letter from Dr. Leslie Sachs:

From: "Dr Les Sachs" ><l.sachs[at]>

Subject: Swiss gov letter: No Snowden asylum, he's a CIA fraud

To: info[at]

And I paraphrase this letter:

  • Increase the sense of terrorism/blackmail among governments;

  • Promote CIA-tied media;

  • Entrap genuine dissidents;

The latter would be all too common with Snowden's handler, Glenn Greenwald, and his intelligence backed Intercept project, a start up by First Look media where they ratted out genuine whistleblowers. This will be further detailed at another time.

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As for this aforementioned Dr. Leslie Sachs, he too has shady connections, him being quite fond of Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is a proud Likudnik promoter and Zionist who has many connections to the real 9/11 perpetrators. He is also friends with Arnon Milchan, an Israeli Zionist who proudly admits his assistance in stealing US nuclear triggers for Israeli intelligence. Milchan directed 'Medusa's Touch' which predicted planes being flown into skyscrapers in New York City, he then went unto produce JFK, directed by Oliver Stone (real name: Oliver Silverstein), which whitewashed Mossad involvement in the assassination of JFK. In the 90's, Milchan produced 'Fight Club,' which is filled with 9/11 predictive programming, such as the demolition scene of skyscrapers in NYC at the very end of the movie, or the bombing of a high rise building in a preceding scene or the use of the term "Ground Zero" stated numerous times in synchronicity to the failed bombing attempt on the World Trade Center in the film. In the late 90's, Milchan with help from Rupert Murdoch produced the 'Lone Gunman.' A film that accurately predicts the alleged hijacking of passenger planes which would be flown into the upper third of the Twin Towers.

As for Sachs, he believes that there is a CIA oriented shadow government that quarrels between people like Rupert Murdoch. Statements such as these:

But the fact is, the CIA's Guardian newspaper, has been pushed to attack Murdoch in Great Britain, as a punishment and warning in revenge for Murdoch's 'excessive' pro-populist news in America.


Murdoch had been giving 'too much' of what US citizens want to hear, and the CIA and US ruling families wanted to give him a strong slap.


Rupert Murdoch is on notice he will be destroyed if he does not back off from 'too much' support for US Constitutionalists.

See that you may question everyone and everything in truth of discovery. You might just discover a ginormous counterintelligence program that seeks to control, confuse, discredit, disengage, anger, and surveil legitimate dissenters.

Ask yourself, were the Snowden leaks supposed to trigger a revolt against the police-state-surveillance apparatus, did they? No, far from it. Instead, they enhanced the centralization and power of this apparatus.

In a subsidiary counterintelligence operation, anonymous social media users claimed that Snowden was assassinated by a drone strike in Hong kong. Many of these social media posts would feature hashtags praising Snowden as a renegade and cheerleader for truth and justice. The purpose of this deliberate false story was to further socially engineer persons into believing that Snowden truly was on the side of the people -- written in stone, implanted into the subconscious-- for lack of a better term.

What are some ways in which the oligarchy might utilize a limited hangout operation to fulfill an agenda? One such way is to broadcast that ISIS (Da'esh) learned from Snowden. Anyone accused of inspiring ISIS would certainly want to contend such a statement and yet Snowden is silent.

These operation mockingbird like broadcasts are further substantiated in cryptic form by the overt shilling of public desensitization campaigns concerning surveillance programs.

"...records of phone numbers, call dates, times and durations would be retained by telecommunications companies..."

Thus, the NSA will simply use the back doors they installed on all the telecommunications companies in order to analyze metadata in real time.

To followup on this broadcast, a clear PsyOp is propgandized to push the agenda that communications must be monitored for security reasons.


"...imperative that we monitor the use of digital/social communications to combat ISIS' growing influence..."

So, we have congress pretending to end the retention of mass bulk data, thusly, assuring the utilization of backdoors via telecommunication companies who have had a long history of doing business with intelligence agencies.

And in a predictable move, Omidyar's errand boy to dupe, Glenn Greenwald, handler of Snowden, tricks his followers with the propaganda that these powers will be reduced.

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So, Booz Allen limited hangout Snowden cheers on Rand Paul, thus promoting the filibuster psychological operation.

In 2015, congress wanted you to believe a filibuster would prevent the NSA from sending malware to targets. As we know, congress is incorporated and most of the policies and legislation passed or debated about would be disregarded by the surveillance apparatus anyway.

"This has been a very important part of our effort to defend the homeland since 9/11." —Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

There’s one problem: there’s no evidence to support that.

The President's Review Group on Signals Intelligence stated:

"Our review suggests that the information contributed to terrorist investigations by the use of section 215 telephony meta-data was not essential to preventing attacks."

The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board stated:

Based on the information provided to the Board, including classified briefings and documentation, we have not identified a single instance involving a threat to the United States in which the program made a concrete difference in the outcome of a counterterrorism investigation. Moreover, we are aware of no instance in which the program directly contributed to the discovery of a previously unknown terrorist plot or the disruption of a terrorist attack.

Mitch McConnell, Richard Burr, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, Tom Cotton and Mike Pompeo, among others ardently supported the reauthorization of section 215.

Filibustering is akin to voting. In that like Rand Paul, we rely on a single action, however prolonged in believing that said action will fix the issues of our time, the people never once consider that maybe voting or filibustering, say the Patriot Act, does not really contravene with the corporation of the UNITED STATES. Concerning the processes of the corporation, no matter the obstructions they allow, no matter whether you think your vote will somehow stick it to the man, you are still encouraging the very system to flourish.

"large amounts of metadata gives the government access to even more revealing portraits of individuals/groups..."

And reading between these lines, someone, some entity, wants Americans to believe that the NSA will stop routing internet traffic through their data centers and that Snowden is a hero.

Yet, it is quite clear that a persons' digital internet footprint is exponentially larger than their telecommunications footprint. Just think about all those images, messages, emails, posts, tweets, likes, searches, histories, purchases, accounts, memberships, subscriptions etc.

"...but it is virtually impossible to make a call on normal phones without generating an Amdocs record of it..."

Substantiated by this PsyOp:

"...certain suspects in 9/11 may have managed to stay ahead of them by knowing who and when investigators are calling on the telephone..."

Think about the Israeli art students who lived in close proximity to the 9/11 alleged hijackers, think about Amdocs, think about paper patsies!

"...virtually all call records and billing in the USA are done for the phone companies by Amdocs—an Israeli-based private telecom company..."

"NSA issued a report (TS/SCI) warning that records of calls in the United States were getting into foreign hands—in Israel—in particular..."

"...widespread data mining techniques and algorithms—combining both the properties of the customer and properties of the specific behavior..."

"...USA government officials are worried about the possibility that Amdocs data could get into the wrong hands—particularly organized crime..."

Here one can observe that Israeli owned private companies are being blamed to counter information which exposes domestic spying operations. If the UNITED STATES corporation & company is truly concerned about Israeli intelligence, they would cut ties with sharing personal information with them. The fact is that the Israeli intelligence agencies work hand-in-hand with American intelligence agencies and telecommunication companies, many fronted by dual-Israeli citizens.

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This is ONLY a overview. Part 4

Snowden was a teenager when Carl Cameron authored his 2001 report on the Israeli art student spy ring but give Snowden credit for telling us the NSA has been collecting metadata since 9/11 ignoring Amdocs who was collecting metadata before 9/11 and who shared intelligence with US intelligence agencies. So, rest be assured, the NSA has a back door into Amdocs or Amdocs has a back door into the NSA, either way bulk collection of metadata continues.

And we must take into account that nowadays all these wireless broadband satellite telecom data software service companies rely more and more upon cloud-based platforms, which can easily be monitored. And remember too that the FREEDOM Act is a diversion. It does not end bulk collection of metadata it just rewrites the rules of the game for the NSA.

What has Snowden leaked about Amdocs, Comverse, ICTS, Kroll, TriData, MITRE, Ptech, the Dancing Israelis and the Israeli art student spy ring? Nothing. He has leaked nothing, he only perpetuated the 9/11 official government approved conspiracy theory -- a limited hangout, who has stated numerous times that the classified information will remain classified indefinitely. Greenwald sought it to that end and now makes star appearances on Fox News, the same corporate news company which covered-up 9/11.

And when you finally understand that 9/11 was a false flag operation orchestrated by a 5th column within the UNITED STATES corporation, specifically the executive branch, riddled with Zionist neoconservatives as well as pro-Likudnik factions within US intelligence agencies and private companies who were contracted to coordinate the event, you will realize that the Islamaphoiba after 2001 was a desired goal and that the data mining to combat the faux existential threat of domestic radical Islamic jihadis -- terrorists hiding around every corner -- was concocted to erect an unconstitutional surveillance system that allegedly permeates every facet of our world today.

As for the controlled opposition media pundits, they too perpetuate the memes and terms such as beheading, homegrown, lone wolf, terrorist sympathizer, ISIS, AQAP Islamists, etc., a clear perception management campaign perpetuated by ZeroHedge, the Drudge Report, etc.

But of course this scare could be exaggerated concerning the belief that the government watches everything you do. No. The government, intelligence agencies, limited hangout agents deliberately scared Americans in order to sell you software to 'protect' yourself. What better way to open up a security niche market worth billions! Snowden knows a lot about that scheme for he shilled for various Department of Defense backed encrypted apps. €¥¥€£¥€£££€€!

Likewise, it is also clear that people like eBay and First Look Media founder Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald's mentor as well as Glenn Greenwald himself, handler of Snowden are no different than Glenn Beck and Alex Jones in pushing an agenda to sell you crap.

"...thanks to the Snowden PSYOP the Western spies and tech giants continue to meet in secrecy to discuss how to save the surveillance-state..."

^ ^ ^ That is the PsyOp.

Are we to believe that because of Snowden, because of filibustering the NSA is going to close all its back doors into the telecom-metadata-surveillance matrix? That's exactly what they want you to believe.

Ask yourself this: why must Snowden "screen everything before releasing it to journalists" such as Greenwald and his billionaire boss Omidyar, whilst they keep classified documents classified. And how nice, oh how nice indeed of you ‪Snowden‬ to provide the Alphabet Agencies with a list of "dissidents" aka followers on your blue labeled Twitter account.

Yes, the very "whistleblower" who leaks secret government files and lives at an "undisclosed location" managed to secure a verified account?

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Look at this jewish face. I'm trying not to be antisemitic but that's really scary.

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classic "i'm not a racist douche bag but..." move. this is the kind of alt reich shite this place is rapidly becoming.

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It's a little strange that Slapjack never actually engages with people. He just insults others to make it appear like he holds some higher moral ground. Never any substance to what he says. Very peculiar.

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This place is infested with socialists? Those guys are really good at taking guns away from people and attacking their enemies in mobs. F those people.

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Hi nose fren

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Jews aren't a race. The term you're frantically searching for is bigoted.

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So... He was a, ahem, "good jew"? There is (was?) such a thing?

Doesn't look much like a Rothschild or such. Is this a jew of the middle-eastern ethnic group? One of the "real jews" that aren't "of the synagogue of satan" like the banksters? It's pretty confusing to me.

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I will give you the benefit of the doubt and link you to a personal hero of mine: Richard Stallman.

Being Jewish has nothing to do with malevolence.

He created a software license that enables human freedom from software control - the GNU GPL.

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Of course it does. The most evil people are all jews. Most people with some brains and critical thinking recognize this.

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Haven't you come across any self hating Jews before? Stereotypes are true, but they are generalizations.

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/u/macadoum /u/anon4392

For many years, Aaron's activist campaign concerned copyright issues that he thought would benefit all of humanity through decentralization. Dead authors historic books and research should be freely avaliable to the public. Historic research and books have been copyrighted and sold at obscene prices that no middle class person would want to pay or could afford to. It stimitizes the test ofnhumanity and provides for the very rich to research these books whilst a capable person born in a middle class or poor family would not have the money.

Aaron allegedly committed suicide, the media campaign against him was relentless. And your title is exactly what TPTB want. Fuck MIT, Chomsky and everyone there who was involved in the 9/11 false flag.

We need more martyrs. And obscenely rich people, for some reason, never change a thing for the better of humanity. It is usually the martyrs and those not well off, who have a plan and an idea.