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Those seven, along with five federal district bank presidents, compose the Federal Open Market Committee

So Trump has actually given the Fed more power by only having 3 of 7 appointees in place, making the balance 3 non fed to 5 fed, when it could be 7 non fed to 5 fed? We are already almost halfway through his first term.

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Lol bummer, I knew I had to temper my reaction...I was feeling some hope/respect for Trump speaking out against the fed, and nowww back to uncertainty, (with some hope in general of course)... massive full circle inside out eyeroll at myself and the universe This proves why I don't vote because I personally don't know how to remain true to my values when voting for someone who's talking can have minimal to do with what's happening... and I unfortunately can't find it feasible for me, time and energy wise, to be as informed a voter as I would need to and beg to be should I be aligning with others! Rant city...

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(Oh also I guess I should note that I know the 2 party system is rigged, I just have many reasons for not voting...)