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Partially right. Corbin soundly lost because he became a referendum on Brexit, not because people rejected left wing ideology.

The torries are far left, just as Republicans in the U.S. have shifted so far to the left that now they're generally 80's era democrats.

The world is moving to the far left. The Overton window has shifted. Ask anyone what they think about eliminating govt programs, or reducing expenditures such as SSI/Medicare etc and they look at you as if you killed their dog.

It's a race toward communism, just by a thousand cuts.

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The torries are far left

Come on man. How can you say things like that with a straight face?

You have got to get better at talking to people. You're not going to win any friends by eliminating Medicare and letting people die on the streets.

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The Tories are much further left than the Republican party, who is fairly left of center. Compared to the socialists democrats, i guess the Tories would be considered moderate.. But that's not saying much.

And Yes, because if govt doesn't give you healthcare, it means no one gets health care at all and everyone is just dying in the streets.

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Do you understand how you come across as completely insane? Are you aware that spouting things like this in public will persuade absolutely nobody?

Are you even interested in winning people over? That would explain a lot if you're not.

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Persuade them about what? Most people aren't open to reasonable discussion about reality, it's another reason we are a republic and not a direct democracy. The reality is that the country will be buried by debt by 2030-2040, that's not an opinion nor is it climate change alarmism nonsense.

The healthcare industrial complex way outspent what was budgeted for DOD last year. I think it's almost 50% of the budget alone.

Literally no one would vote for someone who openly said "we are gonna have to raise the retirement age to 85 for your SSI and Medicare. Additionally Medicare annual caps must increase, and it's likely we can't cover as much as we used to". Changes are coming though, have no doubt.

We can do like Canada or the UK.. We nationalize the healthcare to ensure everyone has access doctors for the sniffles and their flu shot and let the govt determine who is and isn't eligible for serious issues like cancer. You'd probably argue there's a strong case to be made that many of the young and old with these afflictions are not genetically viable and are being artificially kept alive by a bereft and bankrupt system. I can agree with that, but i disagree with you on that i don't think the govt should have the right to determine who is eligible to be treated.

Burying heads in the sand just gives the govt the power the democrats and many Republicans think it should have.

But addressing these things now and looking into alternatives might enable a free market system, a system where you can get treatment for issues without the govt telling you that you're to sick or you aren't in a particular group, so sorry, you'll have to wait 2 years you see an oncologist for your prostate cancer or your brain tumor as is the case in both Canada and the UK.

If you're trying to argue that the Toriesare some beacon of light conservative group, well that's just asinine.