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I appreciate the articles recap of the debacle. But i take umbrage with comparing wrestling to politics.

I'll take any and all WWE theater over social justice warriors making millions per year complaining about climate change and gun tragedies, while toting famous rappers with their hoes around on their private jets, on the way to their NFL or NBA game where the first thing they'll do is take a knee during the national anthem complaining their fans all guilty of gun violence, climate change, and misogyny.

Regardless, sports and movies were places where everyone could take a break from real life, a place where the person in the seat next to you was just a fan of your or the other team. NASCAR and WWE are two of the only places left where you can still forget for a second what's going on and just be entertained without being chastised by someone not making millions playing or announcing.

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Surely there's a gif of Trump walking from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, climbing the ropes, arm aloft, belt in hand, drinking in the energy of his adoring fans...?

But, aye, politics is nowt better than wrasslin'.

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I wouldn’t go so far as to insult people THAT much. But it is very much akin to the old Seinfeld joke of cheering for laundry.