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Should already have happened, no? Article is nearly 3 years old. Posts like this make me wish for a down vote button.

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It is a slow implode, as countries dedollarize and the dollar continues to devaule. The internationalists have planned this for quite sometime. The script has been to slowly devalue the dollar first, raising taxes for the middle and lower classes on a local and state level via devaluation. The goal is to implode the old world order for a new economic multilateral world order. The US in this case would be a half baked welfare state, whilst as prophesied in Isaiah, Jurusalem will erect, according to Ben-Gurion and UN founders, "the Supreme court of Mankind." That will sort out nation state issues under a Judeo-theocratic internationalism. Of course, communitarianism is part of this new order. And there will be many good things to come out of it.

The current goal is to thwart unipolarism and erase what little left sovereignty we obtain under common law.

Trump has done a wonderful job at that with red flag laws and the TAPs act.